Reviews for Kosovo
Faithless Juliet chapter 1 . 3/26/2011
Section One:

I like how you open this piece with the correlation between religion and war with your use of “orthodox” although you quickly explain it through delineations. I also enjoyed how you brought the scene into the piece, making the terrain – something that also affects war and religion – here, almost making it a second subject of the poem.

Section Two:

Even though you mention a German I don’t think you’re trying to explore the previous world wars here- though I may be wrong. It seems like you’re expressing a future war, a current religion, a retelling of this soldier subject in the here and now.

Also loved: “The Americans leaned on their guns,” on the one hand its very intimate yet on the other it’s so relaxed, yet he needs a gun which turns the scene intense again.

Section Three:

The whole listening to rock music thing made me think or Noriega, although I wouldn’t classify the Spice Girls as rock music, either way it made me smile. Us Americans, always with our music.. I also liked the poetic justice of “there will be no killing” which is also deeply American even though it often times doesn’t ring true.

Section Four:

Deeply in love with: “while in the fields the lambs are killed for Easter” it reminds me of the desert, Damascus, Jerusalem and so on, which also leads to the idea of current wars and our growing involvement in the Middle East.

Section Five:

This last section seems very modern to me, and I think you end the piece on a strong note. Ending with the lone soldier, suddenly back into the bright-fluorescent world after being in the fields where life still seems so ancient. There’s also a strong intimacy between the writer and the soldier, a family connection, a husband or a brother, and maybe even a son – the use of the mother is referenced often.

Really great piece overall, crisp with imagery. So glad you’re posting again.