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Dragon-Rider II chapter 1 . 4/7/2011
Aww, that's so sad.

God loves everyone. I understand if you don't want to believe in Him, but those comments you got were just ridiculously stupid.

You know, we all have different qualities so we could all help each other out. So you might not think that you're tiny, proud or strong, but you really are, and other great things, too.

And you need to be really strong to put things like this up, and proud to stand up for yourself, like you did here. Some people just tend to put themselves down all the time, or put others down. That's all.

Of COURSE you matter! Everyone does, even though they might think otherwise. I mean, I look up to you. I would never dare to put something up. I'm way too scared to because someone I know might see it. You're really strong, you know, and no-one can take that away.

And look at this- community. sparknotes 2011/03/30/confidence-pants-stories-speaking-up

It's really inspirational, and people WILL feel losses. (Please don't.)

And this one's a great confidence builder- community. sparknotes 2011/03/29/confidence-pants-stories-coming-out

You're really sweet, telling everyone they're beautiful. Not a lot of people I know will do that.

And of course you'll look beautiful without make-up! In my (and others) opinion, everyone does.

And even those models you see everywhere are done up to ridiculous extents.

And the mirror lies. 'Course you're not ugly! No-one is. Everyone just has a unique look, then someone will pull out a person and say 'LOOK!' Thus most people will try to follow them, and lose themselves.

You're not stupid either, or a failure. Everyone's different, and we excel in different things, like we fail in different things. Just some of us didn't find what we're fantastic at yet.

So you could whip someone at something you find you're awesome at, and they suck at.

I didn't put it good here, but I hope you get the main idea.) (My math teacher says it better.)

You obviously do way more than sleep and cry! Like I said, putting things like this on (which you've done many times) takes a heap of courage. And they're really inspirational pieces. You're a fantastic person; don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

You're pretty, with or without make-up. Everyone is. You're not ugly at all.

Nothing's wrong with you. I don't completely understand your situation, but there is NOTHING wrong with you when you don't feel good about yourself.

I think it's perfectly normal to not wear short sleeves. But asking if you cut because you're wearing it?

It's not stupid. Wear short sleeves, let people know you're fine with it.

No-one's giving up on you. Everyone cares, just some people take things for granted or have trouble showing their feelings.

Those girls in the magazines are photoshopped. You can look up quite a few, they're just normal people with make-up slapped on.

I hope everything will turn out fine for you soon.

PS. *Hugs* You're never alone.

PPS. This is a series of really cool articles you might like to read- Just take out the spaces in the link. (Page two, by the way.)

community. sparknotes tag/nbk-alberta/2

There's a few more articles relating to the same subject, but in my opinion these are the best (and funniest).
NearlyPrescient chapter 1 . 3/30/2011
really evocative language.

this is very disjointed, but in some ways, that helps it feel authentic. I don't think it's at all a bad thing. still, I feel like it sometimes turns into a list, or going from topic to topic to topic sometimes. I think maybe some experimenting with form could have a positive effect. there's a poet named Frank Bidart that sometimes does a similar sort of in the head style writing. maybe something like he does in "Ellen West" or "Herbert White" could work.

still, I like your writing. it's kind of amazing the way that things can be so bleak and yet almost humorous at the same time. the language, your juxtapositions, it all comes together pretty effectively to bring a reader into what feels like someone else's world, and I think that's something really great
MistyandEmrald chapter 1 . 3/30/2011
...This is... just... so sad, that someone would have to write something down like this. I mean, it truly is horrid. I hate it when people tell others what to be like. They shouldnt judge you if ur gay, or lesbian, or whatever. I think it's natural. Not for me, but to some it is, and why can't the world just accept that? I don't know. Maybe- It's because the world is messed up. I was talking about that with my friends today I was like: I do think it normal and okay for someone of the same gender to like each other.


Because to some it feels okay, and who are we to judge? Who si anyone to judge anyone for anything they don't knwo about?

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