Reviews for Game of Temptation
Zlen chapter 24 . 7/18/2016
Oh my! The plot is amazing and the story is even better! Am so glad I got the chance to read it. You are an amazing writer, and not even the few syntaxes could stop me :) Am certainly going to miss Arun and Alethi :D
AJ chapter 2 . 6/13/2016
I wrote a review before about your syntax... nevermind. Beautiful story. Love every second of it beautiful writer
Ammi chapter 1 . 6/13/2016
You have not proof read your story.
I refused to get past the first few paragraphs, because I had to keep mentally correcting you grammar.
I was dissappointed,because I thought the plot and story line had potential, I just could not read it with the chidish syntax .
Keep up the good work, just proof read.
Roxasfleur chapter 24 . 2/11/2016
I love all the dirty scene lol
Montara chapter 24 . 9/6/2015
Glad they managed to be together with all the opposition they had.

As for Liushan...never say never :)) Now he's the one falling in love :D

But the 'I can't stop so you must endure' was annoying...she should be able to say stop if he's hurting her...there's always a next time...things can be slowed down so she could enjoy what they're doing too...well, she did enjoyed herself but still...

I loved the intrigues and the story was very well written. It wasn't a PWP, it had a plot, it kept the reader enthralled and wanting for more not only for the erotic parts, but with its intrigues. Thank you for sharing!
Montara chapter 23 . 9/6/2015
Bet they both wish for their marriage to be over with so they can finally be together :D
Montara chapter 22 . 9/6/2015
What a force of nature! :))
Montara chapter 21 . 9/6/2015
Bel Alethi will be so jealous!
Montara chapter 20 . 9/6/2015
Lol, poor Alethi :)))
Montara chapter 19 . 9/6/2015
Playing with power...dirty job...and they'll have to live like this all their lives...poor guys!
Montara chapter 17 . 9/6/2015
Well, I don't think I'll have to worry for him anymore :)))
Montara chapter 16 . 9/6/2015
He's so sweet!

Even though I see this compulsion of the elven kind a bit creepy since he's acting like a servant somewhat now that he's in love...hope they'll be equals or that she' won't abuse his love! He's soul seems so fragile now, a couple of hurtful words from her could make him die...
Montara chapter 15 . 9/6/2015
I thought Alethi was trying to get a confession out of Niraya for those who have the power to make Alethi the Queen. Yet, here she is, dying...:(
Montara chapter 14 . 9/5/2015
Lol :)))
Montara chapter 13 . 9/5/2015
He proposed :)
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