Reviews for Sweet rose
Ahrlaedrin chapter 1 . 4/1/2011
Oh my, what a sadistically loving person this ..manwomanthing is in this poem.

My document manager, I'm not sure if it's broken either, but my profile updater thing refuses to cooperate, so I have to settle with a surrender speech on my profile.

The way I upload my stories is that I write them in MS Office first, then I upload them unto Fictionpress because that way, Fictionpress at least is able to understand the format correctly and give line breaks at the area I deem it.

Anyway, back to the poem, I think it's ironic for the fact that I made Damien have black hair and this person here has black hair. Or more like it's coincidental. It is a coincidence, right Sora? ;D

To be honest, I have black hair too, and I'd break if someone told me something horrible, like toying with my emotions then admitting to doing it all along.

However, if he went all Kira on me and said "Exactly as planned..." I'd forgive him. What about you?