Reviews for Ramblings of a Glass Pair
Mentu Sanarih chapter 1 . 4/5/2011
What a cute little story!

Quite an original idea, too, to have glasses narrating it. Makes one really wonder how much they see in their owner and their opinion of their owner's actions.

As usual, your endings are so perfect. "...he is blind and utterly lost." Perfect for this adorable, unique kind of story.

Keep up the fantastic ideas! I'll keep readin' 'em!
EmyRem chapter 1 . 4/5/2011
What a sweet, short, sad, significant story! I'm glad to have read this!

It's perfectly clear to me that you wrote this story founded on your love for glasses, and for the men that wear them. Plus, with that sturdy foundation, the story was well-flowing and easy to follow. Great qualities for a story, I say!

There was no dialogue, but it felt like everything was spoken. The man (my one) was never physically described, but I could see him... and his room... and his bath (ha ha).

Also, the story was cute. Like the glasses had just summed up this huge story into just a few words.

Finally, the end tied everything back together nicely. That's the best way to end a story about eye-glasses thinking to themselves. "Without me, he is blind and utterly lost".