Reviews for Curiosities
Gilee7 chapter 1 . 6/16/2011
[of deep county spirit] This may not be a typo, but I think you meant "country" instead of "county."

Lots of great imagery in this poem, which is something I think I say in just about review I give you.

This might be my favorite stanza: "The heart is a curiosity; / a nutmeg / dull swollen / ebb / on the tip of / your fingers"

Although I also love these lines: "with hair that has since / fallen out of my scalp / braided down my / back in a tangle / you once plowed your / hands through" - I love your choice of the word "plowed." It sounds very sexually aggresive. The description of hair falling out kinda scares me a little bit, though. I've worn my hair long for almost a decade now, and a few months ago I noticed that it's starting to thin a bit on top. That's like my biggest fear come true. Luckily my hair was very thick, so I doubt the thinning will be visibly noticeable for quite some time still, but I'm already panicking. It seems like I may have to adopt my country western phase earlier than planned. Cowboy hats here I come!

[or legs / dangling over chairs /curiously / stared / at.] Another great image. Girls don't realize how sexy this can be, especially when they're wearing short shorts or a skirt. Although maybe I'm picturing the wrong image in my head. I'm visualizing a girl coquettishly dangling her legs over the armrest of a couch or a recliner.

[a strange / mood is curdled, / like dogs sleeping / on the lawn] Excellent closing stanza.
amavian chapter 1 . 5/15/2011
so many subtlties