Reviews for Echo
Melusine Stafford chapter 1 . 4/12/2011
Whew. That was actually kind of scary. The repitition of the words made the mood spookier, which shouldn't be possible.

Well-written and the suspense was nail-biting. :)
The Constipated Poet chapter 1 . 4/12/2011
Good use of repetition to build a tense atmosphere and gives the reader an idea of the panic and desperation building up within the character. Moreover, it also re-emphasizes the "Echo" title, which I feel is quite fitting to the story. Plus, this also reminds me of what a far-off echo is, indistinct, distant and faint, and this I feel helps to add to the mystery to what is chasing her, and reminds us why we fear the Unknown.

However, the long questioning thoughts in the character's mind while running seems to scrambles the frantic pace of the story. Perhaps you could reduce the these thoughts to singular words? And perhaps placing more obstacles in the character's path and making her navigate through them with much speed and franticness to give it a more action feel? This might also make it a more thrilling ride for the reader

Overall, I find that this is an interesting short piece, although I did not feel the thrilling escape that the character makes. Look forward to more!

P.S hope you don't mind my critique :P it's my first time doing this and I hope I didn't hurt your feelings :)