Reviews for Especially To Me
Dark Blue Lover chapter 1 . 1/30/2012
These rhymes are pretty, and although the end kinda breaks with them, I like this

Some of those lines – "They've never been hated nor despised." True _ Or, even better: "You're a candle lighting your way… Making your future and forming your day." Touched me, though I couldn't explain why. An optimistic take after all.

Really beautiful, a unique poem, and sort of relatable. Good job! Thanks for sharing _
3M2R chapter 1 . 4/15/2011
It somewhat reminds me of what shakespeare has mentioned before: 'I would my father look'd but with my eyes!' (MSND, Hermia)

Look'd but with my eyes... indeed. I guess a lot of people can empathize with this write, after all, it's but a story of life, a piece of the unfinished race to death.

It's nice how you can rhyme it so beautifully, gives it a lyrical feel to it. Besides, i do like the lines 'you're a completely different key' and 'you, you're a candle lighting your way/ Making your future and forming your day'.

Different key. it reminds me of modes, keys, and accidentals in music. does fit quite a lot to this poem given the fact that you're remaking this after listening to a song.

Honestly, to have such a positive/ forward-looking frame of mind when you're this young, especially if you're going through a period of darkness, it's quite a feat. You're blessed, just as I am today, with the perfection of forward-looking. (:

You're perfect, if you think you are.

Lastly, to say you're 'not very good' I think it's a lie. It's a lie because deep down if you know you've poured your heart, mind and soul into writing this (in which i strongly believe you had), then it's a good write. All that matters isn't how flowery the vocabulary or how amazing the structure you have. Erratic abstract beauty, it means you were FEELING the poem when you wrote it.

LunarRay chapter 1 . 4/15/2011
BluePhoenix21 chapter 1 . 4/15/2011

I have to say that your poem touched me. To realize there's someone out there who can see past all the bullcrap and games and notice someone who doesn't stand out for all the wrong reasons, someone who's just as lonely as you, that's special.

You had my attention with 'completely different key', and you sold me with 'they've never been hated nor despised'. Yeah, you really see others. So what if you think the poem isn't very good... all that stuff you can learn! But to have a poet's eye and see things others don't... that's something inside you, and not many will ever have that.

I love it.