Reviews for Chaotic Passion: Turnus & Femininity In The Aeneid
The Red Raven chapter 1 . 8/25/2011
I read a bit and I don't want to spit on the memory of such a fine poet however,Virgil takes his plot from the Iliad and travels into Hades like Odysseus,Aeneas chases Turnus around the city wall and kills him mercilessly,which is a parallel to Achilles chasing Hector around the city wall and killing him to mention was killed by Aeneas because he killed one of his friends(who I think was the son of the King of Arcadia.)and Achilles kills Hector because Hector killed encounters the Cyclopes and so does Aeneas,even meeting one of Odysseus' soldiers(who surely killed several Trojans and took their women as slaves but Aeneas has pity on him.)

Homer's writings are better than Virgil's is a Roman Mary-Sue,Achilles has flaws(can't say the same for Odysseus.)In Homer's poetry,Hector is noble and Achilles is is somewhat amazing considering people would expect Hector to be evil and wicked and Achilles noble and heroic.

Sorry for the rant,good essay.