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xSuperiorex chapter 20 . 8/16/2012
Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Unless that thing is Kaspar. Jurst kurrding. Irf Karspa wus din ervy chapppert, datd be pooooop. I like these new characters. They interest me. Especially this Lewis character. And oh eme geeeee, I forgot all about Amanda! And forogt how much I liked her. Anyways, this Cecilia reminds me of toast. Bland. But pretty if you put jelly on it. And now I've decided it. I shall find someone EXACTLY like Aleksi and shall befriend them. If they don't like me, they're always the option of kidnapping them. And I guess I'll take your word on their mother, but I still feels something's up. She's up to some shenanigans , for sure. Anyways, I like to see that Aleksi has other friends, and I like to read about them, and I hope they appear later on in this story.

S.H. Marr chapter 20 . 8/16/2012
I HAVE CURLY HAIR. Jeez, what's wrong with ringlets? I don't have two hours every morning to striaghten them. Besides, it's distinctive.

On that note, what's wrong with anime? Go away, Aleksi, nobody likes you.

I was actually wondering when Aleksi's friends were going to pop back up. They pretended to be important, and then KASPY. Kaspy everywhere.

Amanda is kind of stupid. Nickname Schnitzel Swedish? What? I miss that nickname, actually. It was cute.

It was good to see Aleksi hang out with his friends. I do feel you kind of over-focused on Kaspar for a while and are making up for it by showing him with everyone else. You should probably arrange some of the scenes in a revision.

And what was Aleksi doing carrying that note around? Worried much?
ohsocyanide chapter 4 . 8/14/2012
Again with the quick judgement. Aleksi doesn't really know the waitress, but he judges he based on her looks. Her cool demeanor wasn't really necessary, in my opinion — why would a waitress have any reason to be rude to the only customers she's currently serving?

[Both os us belong to our exclusive immigrant club."] os should be of.

That being said, I DIED when I read the pig bit. Like, full-blown eyes tearing, no breathing laughter. I don't even know why. It was just so hilarious, and I loved it.


ohsocyanide chapter 3 . 8/14/2012
Yeah, yeah, Aleksi. You're gonna go to the library and do homework... it has nothing to do with Kaspar. ;)

The glasses bit with Aleksander is confusing, kind of — is it just something Aleksander does to make himself look smarter? I know Aleksi is his twin, and I thought Aleksi was supposed to be the hottest thing since grilled cheese, but I can't stop imagining him as some pimply nerdy guy with big thick glasses. I guess I should probably take contacts into consideration. Fuck.

Kaspar's sudden mood swing tells me that he definitely has a different, darker side. It nearly constitutes the need for worry: who is he exactly, and why is he taking our beloved narrator out for ice cream? To get laid?

One can only hope.

ohsocyanide chapter 2 . 8/14/2012
There's an update. I just saw it and I'M NOT LETTING MYSELF READ IT UNTIL I REVIEW THESE CHAPTERS. Christ.

[Schnitzel licks his fingers before turning the 's just gross.] I'm not really sure what you were trying to accomplish with the 's. It confused me, really.

I read through a little bit of this chapter for a second time, just to refresh my memory, and I have to say that Kaspar's accent comes off really strongly in these first chapters. (That's the killer thing about knowing everything that's gonna happen. Hee.)

I really like Aleksi. He's bitter and cynical and he doesn't really care much for what people think. He doesn't swoon much either, which is refreshing. Kaspar is... just really adorable, though his demeanor comes off as being a bit of an asshole in this chapter. It could also just be him flirting, too — I'm just thinking as I type, so don't take anything too personally. :)

I want to say that the pacing may be a little off, but I love this story a lot and I do like how it's been written overall. I think how soon Kaspar asks Aleksi after meeting him adds to the humorous aspect of everything, too.
ohsocyanide chapter 1 . 8/14/2012
I totally owe seven different people reviews: fourteen reviews total, not including the people I may or may not have forgotten, and I'm still procrastinating so I can review your story. I'm even missing White Collar, which I love — mainly because Matt Bomer makes me melt faster than butter on a summer day. Heh. I read this entire thing in three hours while watching A Time to Kill over the weekend, and I never got the chance to review every chapter like I love to do because I WAS ON MY IPHONE. So, here goes nothing!

[Some girl walks by my table. The sequins on her jacket have no place in this library. She glances at me, then the pencil. And keeps on walking. Slut.] I do like how much of Aleksi's voice and attitude is portrayed through this passage, but I feel like calling her a slut isn't really necessary. I can see calling her a bitch, since that would imply she seemed to think she was too good to pick up his pencil, but slut has always implied a girl was easy.

At the beginning of the chapter, you say it's 10:24 but then a little bit later you day it's 9:50. I just noticed that you then say it's 10:06 towards the beginning, so I'm thinking you should probably change the very beginning time.

In this first chapter, it seems that Kaspar is almost shy and (I absolute HATE to use this word, please don't be offended because I'm ONLY using it for lack of a better word) stupid, in a cute little way. IGNORANT. Ignorant is what I'm thinking, and that's probably because he doesn't know much about American customs and he's adjusting to English.

I am a bit unsure of the narrator's voice, though. If he is from Russia, I'm not sure that his English should be so perfect. A lot of Americans still have trouble with it, so it takes away from the reality the story has.

I do really like the way you've added the v's throughout Kaspar's dialogue. It's endearing and sweet and it gives him a very real quality that I enjoy.

Overall, I really did like this as an opening chapter. You introduce both of the main characters and do a really good job of showing us Aleksi's cynical attitude towards the majority of his high school population.

xSuperiorex chapter 19 . 8/14/2012
Oh my god, how many languages do you know? Do you speak Russian cause that'd be awesome because RUSSIAN. No other explanation necessary. Anyways, I liked this chapter. Added more feel to the story. I like feels. But I FEEL (clever, huh?) that it needed a bit more Kaspy. Just saying. Otherwise, I would marry this chapter if it was ever reincarnated as a breathing human being. And if their mom doesn't do drugs, then...SHE SOLD ALEKSANDR'S BLANKET OMG ACKKKKKKKK. And then she used the money to pay Nicky to reak up with him! OMG ACKKKKKKKKKKKK. Or it's still in the attic.
heyitsstupidme chapter 19 . 8/13/2012
This chapter seemed darker than the others. Poor Aleksandr.
I like it that the readers get to know the charactersa bit more every chapter.
Oh, and you'll be taking German? That's cool :)
I think learning new languages is a cool thing. It's just amazing how different people can say the same thing in another language.
PenguinHearts chapter 19 . 8/13/2012
My gosh! I loved this chapter! Aleksi sings? 0.0 Well... this is going to be interesting! And, knowing Aleksi, he'll get his hair back to the way it was with is super amazingly awesome custom-made hair gel... or something. And I bet that Aleksandr has a pink blanket with flowers on it... it seems totally like him! (Not that I have a thing against pink, flowery blankets or anything...)

I love your writing; it's so hilarious! I find myself smiling every time I read something by you! Keep writing!
S.H. Marr chapter 19 . 8/13/2012
I don't want a spoiler.

But anyway.

This chapter was sort of weird after the last ones. It had a very different mood and tone. I'm guessing now that Nicky is/was Aleksandr's boyfriend, which I guess I kind of knew after last chapter, but what I don't get it why Aleksi seems to have his own personal attachment to him not related to 'Sandr.

It was nice to see these two together, though, but maybe that's because I always imagine twins as extremely close, perhaps more than I should. And their father, who I've been wondering about. I'm still wondering about him, obviously.

I think that there's some ominous foreshadowing here. I'll be on alert for it.
Angel Hertz chapter 3 . 8/13/2012
Beautiful! :3
- Jade

I'm not much of a fan of BL... but this is too cute!
- Blair

Pardon my sisters, I love it.
- Rimi

nice, although, I feel uncomfy reading it.
- Jason

Strange, yet nice.
- Draco
mgmtlover18 chapter 19 . 8/13/2012
Good chapter
xSuperiorex chapter 18 . 8/12/2012
Ermergherd. I've been caught up with this story for a few chapters now but I haven't reviewed. But that shall change now. Basically, I love your story. In other words I love you. All of your characters I loooooooooove.I enjoy reading Aleksi's view on the world. Sooo, I like him. Kaspar reminds me of a cat so I don't even need to explain anything there. And the twins are such polar opposites and what's up with their mom she does drugs I bet who needs punctuation not me. And Nicky is...very Nickiesque. I just made a word and don't really know what esque is but I think that's an accurate description. What I just wrote was basically nonsense but what I wanted to say was I love your story and the characters and Aleksandr layed the eggs, right?
heyitsstupidme chapter 18 . 8/12/2012
Great chapter! I'm really looking forward to the next chapter. I want to know what happens next! And I like that you wrote something about Aleksandr and Nicky.
That makes it even more interesting :)
I don't really know about the accent, because when I talk, I can't really hear it myself. But when my father speaks english, I can hear his accent when he speaks "the" or "one", but not so much when he says "we" or something else with "w".
I think the way you write his accent is quite realistic.
Keep on writing! :)
IndiLovely chapter 18 . 8/11/2012
I like how excited you get about reviews. So I'm going to review again. xD
Great chapter! Except I don't really like Nicky. How does Aleksandr put up with him...
And just one thing - I loved everything about this chapter, but it doesn't feel like much is happening at the moment. In a way, I like how you keep it so interesting without many dramatic occurrences, but still, with how you write, I bet I'd been even more hooked on this story if something dramatic happened. Like, the encounter with the evil little twerp guys at the park had me biting my nails. I'd love to see something from them again - well, I wouldn't, but you know what I mean. It'd spice it up. :D
Again, I envy how cute you can make Kasper. Please share some of your cuteness knowledge and give me tips on how to do that. :3
But anyways, please update soon, I cannot wait for the next chapter!
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