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firebird's requiem chapter 17 . 7/18/2013
Beautiful. What an amazing collection of thoughts. You seem to be an interesting and quite matured person, hmm?

lookingwest chapter 17 . 7/14/2013
This was a cool insight into LE&D and I think it actually answers a lot of questions for me about the believability of some of that earlier stuff that's happening Rebecca's plot with Phelan - I liked seeing this insight for those reasons. I also think it's cool to read about the writing process for people because everyone is different and comes from such different backgrounds. That's crazy that the dinner in Ch. 2 actually happened! Or, happened closely to something IRL, you did a good job relating the "real" story!

I think my personal biggest fear with having a character based too much on me is the whole Mary Sue syndrome thing. I think it's true though that writers borrow from the people they know, and while I don't directly base any characters off of people I know, I do take little traits here and there, someone's eyes, someone's personality, etc. and mold them into a character. But anyway - I can't help but think about my own process when reading this type of thing.

I think it was cool also because I just recently read the newest Ch. 2 so that refreshed things a lot for me, and I liked that. It's kind of scary that Tom is based on someone you know, but I'm glad there isn't a direct Phelan - he can be a real meanie sometimes. It's funny how those kind of things will pop up in your real life, and I think overall with this reflection it was a clever idea to end with that hook of meetin ga sweet Swiss guy, ha! I haven't read this series from you much, I don't think, so this was a cool peek into your writing life and your process. I enjoyed it, it looks you have some fun chapters in this project, I should go poke around a bit more :)
Dreamers-Requiem chapter 16 . 4/1/2013
Jesus...even if it had been original, Snape and TAYLOR SWIFT? I know you can find anything on the internet but...bloody hell, Snape would be spinning in his grave. And, well, yours is written much better anyway. I think I read that paragraph with pure disbelief. If you're going to lift someone's work word for word, at least come up with your own original characters. It's not just ignorant, it's plain lazy. I have to admit, I love your writing style with this; even with this sort of topic, it still makes me laugh. (Did you manage to get it taken down at all? If not, well, there's not supposed to be real person fanfics on anyway, so if they won't listen to the plagiarism angle maybe they'll pay attention to that?)
ShiftyObserver chapter 6 . 3/22/2013
You made me laugh in chapter 6. I appreciated the Ratatouille quotes.
JYates chapter 4 . 3/18/2013
I love these, so much.

"owning a Prius is so gay." What are you trying to say here Merle? Why did it have to be a Prius? XD
RedactedNoLongerWriting chapter 15 . 3/10/2013
Freebie review!

I actually read your plagiarism chapter/essay first, but wanted to have more to say than just 'wow, that sucks. T-swift/Snape, REALLY?' I could relate to this one a lot better.

Ah, this makes me remember my college years. It's an important time for change and understanding yourself, exploring your options, and hearing different viewpoints, isn't it? I liked all the little details you put in here. It doesn't matter what school you go to because I could still relate to the tuition and country club feel, as well as the variety of speakers constantly visiting. The vibrator thing made me laugh (yay, I learned something new!) and I found the sand mandala comparison intriguing.

My only dislike here is that organization-wise this could have used a little work. The paragraphs all stood well on their own but it didn't flow particularly well, topic-wise. This made some of the things feel disjointed. Each topic was interesting but I didn't immediately connect them together so transitions could have been improved.

Still, I get the impression this is more of a place to vent and/or philosophize so I suppose it's up to you how you feel like presenting it. Overall, this was an enjoyable read.

P.S. Non-English majors/minors are almost always terrible writers. I can't count the times I had papers returned applauding my well-written and organized presentation; I'm reasonably certain I got higher grades for that than people with better content and worse writing. And after sitting through so many English workshops, I completely understand the appeal of a dull well-written paper over an informative trainwreck. It's probably not fair in an academic setting but isn't communication half the battle?
DutchAver chapter 16 . 2/26/2013
In a previous life, I wrote fanfiction, and I once wrote a fanfic concering Eragon, and the love interest Arya. It was before the last book came out. Don't know if you've read the series? Eragon has feelings for Arya, but Arya doesn't respond to them. I felt Eragon never had the chance to express his feelings for the elf, which was why I wrote the one-shot. It was massively popular, to my own surprise.
Enter a few months later where I'm like 'I'm going to Google my stuff and see if it's plagiarised'. It was, on a site made especially for Eragon fanfiction. Everything was the same. The title, the disclaimer, the Author's Note, every single thing.
I'm a calm person. I get annoyed fast, but rarely in my life have I been really angry. But there are no words in any language I know that can express how furious I was to find my one-shot plagiarised. I contacted the culprit - without any result, unfortunately - and had the one-shot taken down later by the staff. But I was rabid. (The writer in question, by the way, had put up more one-shots: I couldn't trace back two of them. The others, however, were plagiarised as well, from other writers, so they were all taken down)
I just don't understand why someone apparently is so desperate that they plagiarize. That's really really low and I will never sink so deeply.
Glad you got the work to get removed! When it comes to technical stuff, I guess the technical team still sucks, even though they're improving.
Hope this nasty case of plagiarism doesn't cause you to stop writing :) Seen that before, and it's always a pity to see that happen...
Dreamers-Requiem chapter 15 . 2/17/2013
I feel very, very lucky, and grateful, for the three years I spent at University. No, it didn't help me get a job, but I studied subjects I loved, made some brilliant friends, and learnt some lessons (outside of the classroom) that I will carry through life. I think in some part you're right; some of the strongest experiences come from outside the course. But...well, to be honest, with the British system, it never felt like my money being poured into it (even if I do have to work towards paying it back after). But, if I hadn't loved the course, I would have ended up dropping out. Looking back, I would say it's important to find a balance, to make sure you get out of Uni what you want to get out of it. For some people, it's a job. For me, it was experience and the chance to do what I loved. Good luck with it all, and remember even the stuff outside the classroom, the [experiences of learning to be independent, meeting and befriending and growing up with the people you love, dreaming about your adorable and off-limits European hall mate (oh wait, that's just me), and all the sentimental, non-tangible stuff that the institution really doesn't pay for.] is stuff that you wouldn't experience anywhere else, so really, if you want, you can consider that in the cost as well. Enjoy it when you can - I'd give anything right now to get the chance to go back. :)
DutchAver chapter 15 . 1/8/2013
Education indeed is priceless, but unfortunately not always worth the prices that have been asked - I've heard that college costs a ridiculous amount over there in the USA, and that you have to loan even more from the government. Here in Holland, the system is less focused on loans, and everyone receives a standard amount of money no matter the income, that never needs to be paid back. At least, that will continue to happen right up to next year, when they're scrapping that idea as well. Ridiculous and everyone's protesting, but the government's not listening, unfortunately.
As for the rest - I have to agree completely with you. Spending all you've got to pursue a possible writing career without a back-up plan is the most foolish thing you can do. Yes, I plan on being published, and yes, I do have the ambition to pursue a professional career as a writer, but there's a reason why I'm currently doing psychology in college. If writing doesn't work out, I can always have the safer route, one I love as well.
A very happy new year to you as well!
cypress16 chapter 15 . 1/4/2013

As I read though your numerous experiences, insights and observation over these fifteen chapters, I had many moments of smiles and chuckles. However, that first main paragraph here just really caused me to laugh.

As the father of a daughter who is currently working toward paying off student loans, while working at a job outside her field of education and below her expected pay scale, I understand the point you make. Overall, it was a very insightful while amusing portrayal of the intellectual conflicts of higher education.

Please continue as the 'material' presents itself and your muse strikes.

Dreamers-Requiem chapter 14 . 11/21/2012
I feel your pain. I spent three years studying Creative Writing, and yeah, the guys are the worst. The girls were great - made some lifelong friends, but as for the guys...male aspiring writers are a strange bunch. And there are a lot like this guy. Such a shame, really. But awesome response! There's no way I could ever think of something like that on the spot.
DutchAver chapter 14 . 10/29/2012
I don't think you have to worry much about that guy... In your position, I wouldn't give a fuck about him not giving fucks, and it actually sounds a bit like he was trying to get you... erm... to give a fuck. And not metaphorically. But don't worry about him - there are plenty of weird guys, everywhere, just don't let them get to you.
But, how was writing class with all the inflated egos? I'm more interested in finding out how that was, actually :) Do you learn a lot there?
InkedGirl chapter 14 . 10/23/2012
Oh boy. What an interesting experience.
I would've died.
InkedGirl chapter 9 . 10/23/2012
I seriously love your writing. The way you word things and throw in metaphors and's just so interesting to read.
Although I'm one of the few conservatives on FP and you seem to be more on the liberal end of things, I actually agree on many of your points. Your criticism of the media...There just seems to be so much anger out there, yet few people are truly understand the topics at hand. They don't try to see the other side of the story. People are so intrenched in their own beliefs that they fail to look outside and explore other ideas.
Nothing good can happen in this country if we speak but do not care enough to listen.
Keep writing!
The Autumn Queen chapter 10 . 7/7/2012
[Freebie review:]

Sorry for taking awhile. Busy weekend.

How cute. I love the way you began with the general one year anniversary with the iconic blue shirt and then slid smoothly into a discussion about BTDR. Half the time, there's something jarring about the transition, but here the link is your dedication.

[Guess fortune teller is out as a career option for me.] - I'd say that should be fortune "telling".

In addition to that, your second last paragraph is a little blockish in comp. to everything else. Saying RL Rebecca is a Mary-Sue puts her into a firm category which somewhat increases that. I think that paragraph could have been broken up with a little more of the personal element...the bits you love about them, the moments that really stand out, as opposed to just saying "yeah, these are my friends and inspirations" - truth be told, I can't really see that, and that was what I was looking for in this paragraph.

Apart from that, love it. :)
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