Reviews for Midnight Hell
The Indifferent Voice of Youth chapter 1 . 5/22/2011
Heya, I've sent you a message with reply to your last, and a review of this. Overall: I like the build up too, of "I know this scene; I know what's next,

We've had our last sweat between the sheets.

All that's left is a button on my dress,

And our lips will finish the rest." and following onto "The sky falls down in outrage" which is very powerful. "It's best attempt to melt away the lover' pain" -again, sounds wrought with powerful emotion. "The sun...mocking us with each blazing burn", mocking in terms of 'time goes on, days pass by, the world keeps turning, no matter your problems, they're not going to affect anything bigger than you'..? That's sort of what I got from it. "I know the sky will curl around, until it drip drops down", there is a great deal of certainty here, again implying cynicism or pessimism, because of the next two lines, certainty that hell will come."To set the scene I know so well" talks of recurrence and I love the way it wraps up at the end bringing both the previous lines and the title together. Well done to you

Indifferent Voice