Reviews for My Illusion
SaraEsperlo chapter 1 . 5/30/2011
I love the writing and feelings in this story... but you also asked for constructive criticism. My only criticism is that you made it too obvious that Lily and Cassandra were the same person. I knew it the moment I read this line, "Jamie told me that Cassandra failed another English quiz". I don't know how, but it just seemed really obvious throughout... if there's anyway to hide that more, it would be great as a surprise. Maybe if you added something like "Cassandra was a girl that..." If Danny had heard of Cassandra enough times that he SHOULD know who she was, then one is less likely to think that he could mix her up with his imaginary girl. At the same time, make it obvious still that he lives in his own world too much to really have paid attention so that it makes sense that he doesn't know her... Hope that kind of helps and makes sense :) Absolutely loved this story.