Reviews for Burial Rites
Luckcharm chapter 1 . 11/5/2011
TTTT I am seriously really close to crying right now! I completely know how you feel! D: It's just that my grandmother died on one of the worst dates possible...

Okay *sniffle*, no more whining.

The words are very well grouped (which I myself think I should work on), so I'm definitely going to take a little more pokes around your work.

The only thing I think you need to do, is maybe use a little dialogue? It seemed like it was missing something, I can't really put my finger on it... But I also feel that, despite this is a short story, it should have some more dialogue. Just so you can relate to the narrator a little more

Write on~!
Methuselah Renard chapter 1 . 7/13/2011
This piece captures very well a child’s understanding of death. I remember I had to watch the Lion King twice before the full meaning of death dawned upon me. Nicely written.