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Superslow Jellyfish chapter 1 . 5/18/2011
I totally salute you on picking up on this. I know I myself have trouble doing so after abandoning an idea.

"There were few things she disliked more than taking school portraits, yearbook pictures in particular" - So true in many ways. This was hell for me. Oddly enough I liked my own picture.

Let's see here, what I liked most about this story so far is the attention to detail you've put in Nora's life so far. I think you shinned most, case in point in that paragraph where Nora fixes herself and you talk about the outfit she wears, the makeup she puts on, how she has her hair, all in precise detail. Nora strikes me as the kind of woman, who as a photographer, whose life revolves around attention to detail so the story must reflect on that part to get a solid opinion on her.

I loved the scene with the engaged couple. I was just thinking over and over again: Bridezilla! Good to see Nora also saw it the same way I did. I've met women who weren't particularly this, but the stress gets to them in a different kind of manner, thank goodness. I just hope that when the time comes for me in the far future, I won't end up like that.

I really can't imagine you splitting this chapter up. I'm satisfied with it, since you explain the ups and downs of Nora's career as a photographer, how she is socially (specifically with Tristan), which reflects on her choice in the food menu, and how she dresses/presents herself. She's a professional and an established woman and you presented that in a clear fashion. Again. I really can't see this being split up.
mysorryeyescansee chapter 2 . 5/18/2011
Really good so far can't wait to see where this story goes and who she falls in love with.
Rose chapter 1 . 5/18/2011
Ok returning the review, it reminded me a little bit of the wedding planer minus the blind guy. It does go on, maybe you could go back and look at what is necessary in the chapter.

You would want to cut out what is just run on sentences. You want to start with something that is a hook and makes me recall your story.

WoodpeckerWho chapter 2 . 5/18/2011
I'm looking forward to seeing where this is going . I have my suspicions, but there's a lot of open-endness which could completely change that around, which I like because it leaves me intrigued and wanting to read your next update. The characters / situation / dialog is all very realistic and not forced, so I find the piece enjoyable to read, as I can really picture it. Tristan being blind is a new, fresh idea to me so it adds a twist which I haven't read before and become bored of. There was no grammar mistakes which I could see, which normally bug me, so that's good. The only constructive thing which I could pull out of the superb piece is that perhaps you could put Nora's thoughts in italics, or something, because during them it changes person, which left me initially confused at first. Anyway, I can't wait to read the next update, whenever it's posted! :D - Woody.
thefaultinourpatronus chapter 2 . 5/18/2011
I love Nora. And I really liked how you portrayed her character in the middle; I knew she was organized and everything from the last chapter, but that was only through speech and dialogue. Here, you showed us what she was like at home, away from her office.

"I never claimed to be modest," he replied before continuing with his tale. "So we went to eat at that Chinese restaurant..."

-There's a lot of dialogue and descriptions in this para, maybe you could break it up? It's a bit daunting to read when it's just one huge block of text, you know?

Tristan definitely seems like the player type XD But yeah, I'm starting to warm up to him, because he actually seems like a nice guy from what we've seen so I'd like to see how he treats Nora and how they get along in the future.

Great chapter, can't wait for more! :D
CCKins chapter 2 . 5/18/2011
Yay! Next chapter! I think I know where you're going with this story now. Hopefully Tristan and Nora will get together soon!

My respect for Tristan has reduced now, sleeping with Emma on the first date. Pfft. At the same time, I'm starting to like Nora better, now that I'm getting to know her more!

I wonder where the night out will lead to though...

Great story! Well done!
MetalLove chapter 1 . 5/17/2011
The Review Game, Easy Fix

I liked the beginning of this story, because it introduced the two characters, Nora and Tristan, very well. The way they talk to one another really showcases how familiar they are with one each other, and really solidly puts out there what kind of relationship they share. The money thing, with Nora paying even though funds were low her, really added to the whole friendship dynamic too.

I liked the ending as well, because it showed how Nora could go from a sort-of carefree meeting/hang out with a friend, to a business meeting. Since you brought up the money issue earlier, the audience really knows how important each job much be. The way she switches from talking with a friend to talking with a client is very well done.
Kobra Kid chapter 1 . 5/17/2011
Pretty good introduction. The characters seem very realistic and likeable, and the dialogue was believable as well. And first chapters are always slow-paced, so that's to be expected.

However, it wasn't that attention grabbing. You started off with Nora working at her not that exciting job, then meet up with Tristan (who I love, by the way :D). Maybe, before this chapter, you should have a prologue that's dramatic or really enticing. Also, the first section of it lacked emotion. It was all describing Nora's movements and her dialogue. I'd suggest writing out some of her thoughts/emotions in the introduction.

Besides that, however, it was fairly enjoyable. I really love Tristan's character, and how him and Nora interact. It's cute :)

~Kobra Kid, RH
Daphne Auguste chapter 1 . 5/16/2011
Okay, it's me again.

Anyhow, coming back from the tangent about the chapter pace I was on before, I might add with that said (that being that since this is a introductory chapter and you don't really have to put the story into the midst of action) I think it'd be advisable for a more actiony scene next chapter, because that would vary the tones and textures in the story.

Did I mention the dialogue? - I'm just going to add that you're really great at that, because the dialogue establishes each of the character and their individual personalities into the story (i.e. by the way Nora answers the phone we can tell that she's professional and by the way Tristan jumps into deciding to take the waitress out on a date, we know that, despite his blindness he's still a rather spontaneous person)

That said, maybe you could fill us up with more on the past Tristan and Nora's relationship, because I don't think you mentioned that. Now, I don't think they're related or anything (and I'm getting the impression they'll end up together, hopefully) so I'd like to know more about their past. It would add another dimension to the story.

All in all, awesome beginning.

Things-and-mings chapter 1 . 5/16/2011
i liked this story, and i loved Tristans charcter, he is quite amusing and Nora's profession is very interesting.

You have a good start and you should continue, but you need to somehow tell the reader what path you're taking with your story.

Im hoping Nora and Tristan get togther.

Well written x.
hyrule chapter 1 . 5/16/2011
The beginning has a lot of her actions, I find, but not a lot of her feelings/emotions. It's good to try and find a balance because reading her actions can be a little boring at times. But I really like how you mentioned she "cradled" her camera, it's a perfect example of showing and not telling. I can tell she obviously cares a lot for it, without you actually saying it. I really loved that, even if it was small.

You missed a tag in the beginning, where it says "How's your family?" S(s)he asked him.

I really like how you sort of slipped it in there that he's blind. You didn't just outright say it, but you sort of hinted at it before casually putting that in there. I like that, and for me I like it because it gives the story a little flare of originality. There aren't that many stories with blind people in them, main characters at that.

Though, the beginning was a little mundane for me. I usually like a good reader grabbing, and you just thrust Nora and Tristan together in a scene that doesn't really have me completely hooked. Who is Tristan to her? Why should I care about him? Has it been a while since she's seen him, does she miss him? Is she surprised to see him? Little things like that, I think, would make me want to get to know him more, instead of making him just a guy.

Again though, I like the little insight on Tristan's character and Nora's. She seems like a more stable person who seems to be the type who sticks to a strict schedule, change is not her friend while Tristan seems like the more spontaneous type. I like it when people use things as simple as drinks to show these types of things. But even thought they're so different, their relationship has this relaxed, friendly dynamic that's really nice to read. How they're so comfortable with each other and their banter. That really gets me wanting to read more about their relationship, how they met and all. :)

The fact that you did your research on photography is refreshing, it's sort of irritating when someone includes something in their story while they know nothing of it at all, and can't be bothered to do some research. It really makes the story that much better, to me.

It's a pretty slow first chapter, I'll admit that, but it's a good one. There were a couple things that really caught my attention that really want to make me keep reading. There isn't any giant cliffhanger at the end, which is sort of the thing I love, but it's a nice, light-hearted beginning that I really like I'm going to continue with. It seems like an interesting story and definitely has a lot of potential. :D
Whirlymerle chapter 1 . 5/16/2011
I think Nora and Tristan are nice, round characters. I like that Tristan is blind, and that it was given rather subtly.

[her and Tristan had gone] she and Tristan…

I thought the pacing of the plot was fine. Though I wish you’d introduced Tristan’s relationship with Nora more explicitly.

Good start!

Kristin Li chapter 1 . 5/16/2011
["Pete's for sure," Tristan said, "Why would I want to go back to my place?" He leaned his back on the headrest, angling his head so he would get the sun on his face.

"Maybe because I haven't seen Skips for two whole months? Has he recovered from the flight yet?"]

This piece of conversation seems a little bit confusing to me. What would not seeing "Skips" have anything to do with him not wanting to "go back to his place"

I noticed that you have a lot of kind of short dialogue chapters at the beginning, which kind of get tiring at the beginning. I also noticed that you have a lot of dialogue-a lot of it doesn't seem needed or even part of the story. For example, is it necessary to include Liam and Nora having a conversation about which packages they want? Or having your characters order their food?

I wasn't sure what the conflict was for this story. Is it the fact that Nora is busy all the time or the fact that she doesn't have enough money? Perhaps it could be a little bit clearer...

Either way, I like that you have a main character that is passionate about something, and it is also interesting that Tristan is blind yet still seems to be assertive and independent. Between all the characters, Tristan holds my attention the most.
slashedkaze chapter 1 . 5/16/2011
First off, I like Nora and Tristan as characters. I love that Nora's independent. I like that Tristan is blind :)

I loved the teasing about the waitress's looks.

Your writing is very easy to follow, but it is slow. Maybe you should take another look at the chapter and try to find parts you can summarize/shorten? I don't know how the story's going to turn out, so I don't know what's going to be important in the future and should be left in...

I'm interested in seeing where this is gonna go, because right now, I really can't tell.

Oh, and I'm having trouble telling what kind of narrator you're going for. Omniscient or 3rd person limited?
CCKins chapter 1 . 5/16/2011
This is a really interesting story here! I have yet to read a story on FP about money troubles, so this is a first!

I really liked Tristan! Him being blind was a good 'twist' to the story and I like the way he handled it like it was normal. I quite adore him for that! He seems like a very funny character too! I can't wait to hear more from him.

I didn't see much that you could improve on, only that when the same speaker is speaking, don't put it on a different paragraph, that confused me some. Some sentences were quite confusing too.

Also, who is Connor at the end? Did you mean Liam?

Overall, entertaining and good story to read! Well done!
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