Reviews for Mirror Images
We Used To Wait chapter 2 . 5/25/2011
The story is cute so far, though the cliffies might be a bit too dramatic, especially when you can tell what was going to happen.

Also you made a tense-typo in the last chapter, when you first start talking about Mitch being her best friend. You use the word "have" I think...

Also, a suggestion, I think Jenny and Jessica use the word "sis" a bit too often. I know several pairs of twins who don't really address each other with that word excessively. Or maybe I just find the word "sis" a bit cheesy... but I really do think you could tone it down!

Also, when you write dialogue, their speech is always followed by a comma before indicating who said what or how.

Ex: "Jazz, give me the bone," Drake said.

I've noticed you use periods. So just fix those up for sure.

Okie, that's all I have right now. Hope I can help, and update soon!
a Nightingale's Song chapter 4 . 5/25/2011
Teehee... :" You did the job far better than sa idea ko. hahaha! Gi try ko kaagad mag online after the text. I can't wait for the next chaps. I bet it would be something interesting and exciting (as expected from you) *grin grin Update soon! :))
a Nightingale's Song chapter 3 . 5/23/2011
Ha-ha! Maganda gud siya. I wonder why no one reviewed this. Anyway, it's exciting where this thing would go. Wah! Pero sana hindi maging mortal enemies sina Jenny and Jessie. Teehee. Though sweet rin na yung narrator (Jessie) gets the handsome guy pero I dunno. Haha! I mean, she's also good for Mitch. LOOL May twist sana na pag mag ayos lang si Mitch, poof! Ay lol. Ambot! Then si Jenny kay mag swoon na naman kay Mitch and yada, yada, yada. Hehehe! ))) Ignore mo lang. Update soon! ;))