Reviews for Queens and Roses
a Nightingale's Song chapter 2 . 5/21/2011
I like this version more since it kind of has a point -a suspense. But all in all, it's still weird they killed each other. haha LOL :D But at least there's no homo relationship thing. :))
a Nightingale's Song chapter 1 . 5/21/2011
I've got to admit, I was grinning while reading the whole content. *grins. Teehee :3

Epic yllen! What's with the sweetheart, sweet, love calling thing? LOL Totally cliche but good nonetheless. b-d Hmm... Joshua. :)) I wonder... the character Raven, who was she inspired from? LOL :))

O_O she loves another man? *gasps! Is that true, yllen? _

(turns around and follow Raven) Raven! Come back! LOL :))))) If Dylan didn't nudge him, I wonder if he'd take the initiative to run for her.

Whoah! Dylan's the man? O_O

Wait, what? He's a homo? -_- Oh... hahahaha :)) LOL :))

This is very epic. -_- You sure you're going to put it in the school paper? LOL Make it a cartoon thing. Para lingaw! haha! Chui siya! Weird lang kasi they killed each other. More like Dylan's.. uh... crazy or something. :)) I wonder saan rin yun siya (Dylan) na inspired from. LOL Unexpected homo relationship. Funny. :))