Reviews for Josh
SugarRayne chapter 1 . 9/14/2012
Oh this is a cool take on the mythos. What exactly is Josh? Slendy himself? A very young member of whatever race of being Slendy is? Actually the same creature as Slendy, but a less evil version of him? A proxy that broke free but never quite came back to being human?

I'd like to see more of this. It seems like a very unique take on the Slenderman Mythos and opens up a lot of new questions. You keep writing this, I want to see more. :)
MsEmmiRandom chapter 1 . 7/16/2011
First off, I quite liked your Author's Notes and I do hope that you're joking with that. Or maybe a spoof of/nod to My Immortal?

I quite liked the story, too. There's not a lot of Slendy stories out there, and this has a subtle hint toward Slenderman that if I wasn't looking for a story concerning him, I probably wouldn't have noticed. The writing style is nice, too. I find it fun to read different writing styles and yours, from this short story, is definitely a favorite.