Reviews for Sisters
StickIntrinsic chapter 1 . 6/7/2011
You know what, I can relate to this piece a lot. I used to have a soft spot for not caring, and believe me I still do. The adopted offspring of divorcees, both of whom are heavy drinkers and nothing like myself, both probably considered "poor" (who am I kidding though, my mom is unemployed and on welfare), and I myself am a self-proclaimed "artistic", definitive ex-person-with-a-drug-problem-who-is-more-concerned-with-poetry-and-God-than-something-infinitely-less-important-like-schoolwork, running off a half-assed effort academically and the sympathy of teachers, I suppose... I know we all have our 'crosses to bear', so to speak, and a lot of people don't understand where one is coming from, but you have to let them in. I think you'd be a pretty good writer, but the image you cast comes off as a too cliched caricature of teenage angst. If that is how you truly feel, so be it and more power to you for fighting the system (the eternal struggle, it seems lol). I feel as if I enjoyed this poem more than the others of yours because it was something real and heartfelt, certainly relatable and evoking human sympathy for the main character. As always, keep writing and good luck.