Reviews for Calleth You
Crystalynn chapter 1 . 6/4/2011
Okay, second read. Real review this time!

I enjoyed this story very much. And that's saying alot, because fighters are definitely not my thing. I'm more of a lover. In any case, I think you've created the perfect teaser with this work.

There's just enough information to avoid any confusing and yet it teases too, because the characters are interesting. I'd like to learn more about and get to know them better!

The setting is simple, which adds to the charm, overall, in that it is realistic. I actually giggled aloud when you mentioned sticky lube because it's like, the most awful thing in the world. But I found it funny that this fictitious character had the common sense to double up so things wouldn't get sticky. XD

I've honestly never heard the song that inspired this, but now I want to. Another surefire sign that this story is epic win.

Oh, one other thing. Ferrin's name screams "mysterious." It's got an almost fantasy ring to it. I love that, since he really is such a quiet, mysterious guy! Erick meanwhile has a plain name, but his personality is much more fiery.

Overall this was a steamy, unique and compelling read.

I'd pay to see a sequel or heck, even better: a prequel!
Crys chapter 1 . 5/30/2011
This needs a slash warning! XD