Reviews for Ending the Storm
moonwingmedia chapter 1 . 5/31/2011
WOW! Really good stuff! You have a tremendous gift for imagery. The way you describe things crosses into the realm of poetic quite often. This was a wonderful story. I loved the descriptions of the man's inner and outer turmoil. I didn't catch a good description of what the man looks like or his age. There was plenty about where he was and what he was wearing, but not much about him as a person. Also, since we have access to his thoughts, I would have appreciated as a reader more information on the back story. The demon seemed to enter the story rather suddenly without any kind of foreshadowing that demons even existed in this realm. I would add some more memories that show the reader how this started and why, not to mention how the demon is tied to the storm and how the man knew where to find him.

This story really needs very little work. It is fantastic! I would flush it out and include more back story and a description of the man, but that's about it. REALLY well done!