Reviews for I'm a Rock Star, Baby!
Dreamers-Requiem chapter 2 . 11/7/2011
Again, it's mainly the grammar I picked up on here. Be careful of over-using similar sentence structures, especially in the first person. You want to watch out for starting too many sentences with 'I', otherwise it tends to read a bit like "I did this, I did that," etc. So, something like [I had two huge suitcases on wheels trailing behind me and a duffle bag.] could be changed to (Two huge suitcases on wheels trailed behind me, while I carried a duffle bag.) [I angrily said "You fucker] Should have a comma after 'said'. [A lot more of their merch is being sold,] Sounds a bit odd, maybe (They were selling a lot more of their merch,) Maybe try to keep it in past tense; present can sometimes sound awkward, and it's difficult to keep up so sometimes, the prose ends up switching between the two. So, [It's been months.] could read (It had been months.) ["I missed you fuckers."] In regards to swearing, I'd stick with less is more. It depends what sort of reaction you're going for, but it really can have an impression on the reader as to the character. Sometimes, it can sound slightly childish, or even just not needed. Maybe just use 'guys' instead.

A few more throughout, but like I said before it's stuff you should be easily able to pick up on if/when you come to edit. Interesting development at the end, and I look forward to seeing the next chapter.
Dreamers-Requiem chapter 1 . 8/10/2011
If you do expand on this, I'd suggest polishing it a bit. Some of the grammar leaves it just a little weak, so you may want to look over that. in the flashback scene, you used present tense; you may want to change that to past tense as, well, it's a flashback. What I mean about the grammar are things like [Luckily I'm not honestly upset and pulled him out of the hole, "Anyway Caleb your second single is genius, everything will work out don't you worry."] I feel like the first sentence is a bit tell, now show, maybe just have her grinning or something rather than stating it so explicitly. And the bit in dialogue could flow better, maybe, "Anyway, Caleb, the second single is genius! Everything will work out, don't you worry." There are some points where you can take out words to help the flow, so [From what I can figure out is that they're going to be on two different tours,] could change to "From what I can figure out, they're going on two different tours" There are a few other examples but I think you'd be able to pick them up if you give it a quick read through :)