Reviews for black and white
i collect lullabies chapter 1 . 6/11/2011
"and i'm

always at my most passionate and inspired

when i can't sleep."

I relate to this so much. I can never seem to write very well when I'm wide awake at noon, but when I'm half asleep, practically overdosing on caffeine, and exhausted at two or three in the morning, I'm suddenly overflowing with poetry. Not all of it is exactly good (actually none of it is) but somehow it's so much easier to get the words out when I'm too tired to think straight.
cab fed hig chapter 1 . 6/10/2011
"it's after two in the morning and i'm

always at my most passionate and inspired

when i can't sleep." - ah, so true.

"maybe the shunned dreams i

run away from are wrapping themselves into

my words at this very instant." - endlessly intriguing. what an interesting thought.

"take care of this poem, please", "hold it in your eyes" - quite original, and sweet.

"and then you can forget me,

and i won't mind." - this is so tragic.. and beautiful. how painful and stark. it's like this speaker is so goddamn desperate that if their beloved considers them just fucking once, they'll feel alright. it's like happiness was already way out of the question, and they're resigned to their grim and loveless fate. it's such fascinating hopelessness. it leaves me queasy but fulfilled in some way, a small form of enlightenment on human behavior. astonishing.