Reviews for Trust us
SargentLooneyPencil chapter 1 . 6/18/2011
i feel like asking that question all the time... i'm running out of adjectives to compliment your work!
MoodyDreamer chapter 1 . 6/13/2011
I am sorry if I am annoying you with my reviews, and I might not review much anytime soon. XD I go crazy with stalking and faving, but I don't express my love in words so much... I do, but I drop here and there. I will be glad to just throw a love bomb like KABOOM once in a while to show my love for you earth shaking boom boom awesomeness! W

Anyway, I love your imagery, yes, gosh, so much! The emotion, the detail, and this down to earth style. Your stuff is like my drug right now, and I am such an addict. XD But, I don't how that feels like. I mean I take Advil when I get pain, but I try to be a strong trooper and not take Advil when I am in pain. XD How about chocolate addict? I LOVE chocolate! 3 Your stuff is like chocolate...or like the computer... XD I have unhealthy obsessions with both.

Anyway, I love how you described that you can't imagine such a pretty happy face to have such strong,emotional, and sad conflicts deep inside. It's sort of like me because people always see me happy and smiling in school, and they ask me if I ever get sad. I do, oh, so much. It's like a gnawing monster that won't leave me alone! :I And it annoys to me no end sometimes when people think I am happy 24/7& that I have to be energetic&smiling ALL the time! :o Like, woah, hello, XD, I am human! I have a wide range of emotions! :p

Anyway, sometimes people don't tell others because of other reasons besides trust. :/ It's not always because of you& how you are, but it's just the way they are& their beliefs. Maybe, they are afraid to open up because no one will understand& might just abandon them? Or something? I don't know. :P ANYWAY, long review is a bit long? I think it's long because I am just spitting out FANGIRL/PERSONAL RANT, and a bit of Oh, yes, yes, this is good. Your strengths and weakness are blah, blah, and blah. XD :p

Love your work the way a person obsesses over whatever. 3