Reviews for The sky
SargentLooneyPencil chapter 1 . 6/18/2011
the sense of not being able to let go of it completely... i know how that feels... it's sad... great job...
MoodyDreamer chapter 1 . 6/13/2011
Wow, I love your style. I like how your detail... The way you describe and compare things are super duper nice~ :) I don't know, but there's something that you have in your writing style that captivates me. :)

Oh, and, I was curious to read your epic little lovely creations because when I saw your name(you reviewed one my poems) I was like... Hhmmm, cool name and cool ID/profile pic. Then your profile was all friendly, and I read you descriptions of your lovelies, so I had to read one! :) XD I also had a feeling you wrote awesome skittles from the way you reviewed~ :) It had epic air huggling it~ :)

I will now stalk your work~ 3 Thanks, for reviewing too! 3 It made my day, and I appreciate your honest feedback!

Oh, and on your profile you mentioned your unrequited love... Did that inspire this? :)