Reviews for Gavin: Bottled Messages: October 2033
Boy at War chapter 1 . 7/10/2011
One thing I noticed was that you have a lot of stories that seem to be centered around the same plot, I think it would be much easier for you to get reviews on each and everyone of those stories if you could put them all together into one story. That would not only help for reviewing but it would help with the reader's understanding of what was going on.

A little grammar mistake but nothing serious

"and I have seen that love grow each and every day of me life."

I want to think that this was intentional considering your mistakes were so minimal other than this. I can't be sure though because, I don't have any context of Astin being a sailor or of Astin being anything other than the son of Aaron.

I liked your sad tone in this story, all throughout the story I felt like it was easy for you to cry for Aaron. This is a really good feat considering this is my first time meeting him since I haven't even read any of your other stories.

The way your characters go on about God was good too. I felt like the need to express their feelings on the topic didn't make it too out of character for them.