Reviews for Handmaidens and Coffin Flies
Gilee7 chapter 1 . 7/17/2011
[brain / rotting inside the plastic bag – the last / liquids of her flesh spilling across / the field slightly separate from the road]- This poem is filled with appropriately disgusting imagery and the kind of descriptions that would be excellent in a horror story. Except, as this poem would point out, it's not a horror story, it's real life.

[dares you to take your eyes off]- I think this should be "dare." At least, it sounds a lot less awkward that way, since "flies" and "handmaids" are both plural a couple of lines earlier.

[the dead are an obsession / we cater ourselves for]- My favorite lines of the poem.

[but sits in the car trunk / with maggots as rings; duck tape / lipstick; the summer heat as gown]- *duct tape* I like these lines a lot, too.

[She was in the trunk of the car / when she died; it is not poetry, / it's reality.]- I don't care for this ending, though. I like the "this is not symbolism, it is real life" line at the beginning of the poem; it establishes what this poem is about. Something about "it's reality" bugs me. Maybe if you just used the "in real life" line again it'd work better.

I never paid any attention to this whole Casey Anthony thing. It wasn't until she was found not guilty that I started to learn anything about the case. Not by choice, but because it was on seemingly every channel and newspaper and magazine. I don't understand why millions of people care so much about a stranger they've never met. A little girl died. That sucks. But people die every damn day, including kids. There was a ten-year-old girl here in North Carolina named Zahra Baker that was murdered and chopped into pieces. I don't think authorities ever found her head. Apparently her stepmother used to make her stay in the attic most of the time. The thing is, sick shit like that happens all the time all over this fucked up world. Why people centered so much on just one example of it I don't understand. And everyone in public seems to think they have their own law degree, too, considering how many people are so open about their opinions involving this case and how they're "one-hundred percent certain" that Casey was guilty.

I guess if people are just really into the courtroom dramas then a real-life case like this provides great entertainment; although I find it disgusting in a way that people would watch something like this while eating popcorn with their friends, as if it's just a movie. Plus all the channels that were basically just exploiting a little girl's death for the sake of ratings. I'd rather read a poem about that than one that's using descriptions of a rotting little girl in the hope of provoking sympathy.
amavian chapter 1 . 6/24/2011
the strang but true story of this little girl is heartbreaking, you my dear are groundbreaking for telling her story.