Reviews for Pediophobia
Erika chapter 1 . 10/30/2012
I feel that the story perfectly describes what dolls are please don't give up on your dream to write
ransu chapter 1 . 6/26/2011
Is this your thought on the phobia or a sort of short P-O-V of someone that has pediophobia? If it is the former, then I guess it's okay, though I think it's quite tame. i mean it is just a thought, a memory, an opinion, and is ultimately just a scene. I have no experience with pediophobia other than watching that movie about a murderous doll. I really have no experience to share, except for the fact that there is a glass cabinet full of dolls right behind me.

Here is my idea if you're planning on making a story based on the phobia:

Imagine a man or a woman that has this phobia and imagine them living a day in an extreme case scenario: A scenario deep in the heart of his phobia. He can imagine the shape of the demons, their face, or the essence of their spirit. Either that or you can just go on and write a scenario where the dolls actually come to life.(And this can be all imagined because of the hysteria, or be real). Then you can connect it to a childhood trauma(which triggers said phobia).

"I learned the truth at a young age. When I was a girl, I was given a porcelain doll from Germany. At first, I was enchanted by the perfection of her round, sculpted faceā€¦but the longer the doll resided in my bedroom, the more uneasy I had become by the still watchfulness of her eyes, and the way she seemed to know what I was doing no matter where I went, and what I was thinking when I did it. After two weeks of keeping my first and last doll, I was frantic, and wrenched the doll from its shelf, taking it outdoors to be shattered and completely destroyed. That way the spirit of it's evil could not settle back in my room and continue haunting me. From that day on, I regarded dolls as what they were."

Then the description on said childhood memory begins... and with all the horrid details that creates the trauma. You can include how the phobia affects other people or you can just focus on the phobia. Just throwing some ideas out there.
Violet-Rain13 chapter 1 . 6/24/2011
I wonder what a little kid would say if they read this. Great story!