Reviews for Black Diamond, Washington
simpleplan13 chapter 1 . 8/6/2011
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"Flags are more patriotic then the little league games"... than

I really loved the beginning part about her taking a picture. You describe the scene so well. I especially like the part about who is the quicker draw.

In the long stanza in the middle the transition threw me. The first four lines worked well, but those last two seemed to come out nowhere. I guess the first and last line tie it together that she's now in the bookstore, but I just didn't get how she got there. Plus by the time I got to that last part I almost forgot about the aforementioned bookstore.

Same thing with the ending. How did that relate to the rest of the piece?

Still, I did like the end. Bringing in the mother was a nice touch and I liked the last stanza a lot.