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your twin- Azetta chapter 5 . 1/28/2012
1. short chapters? you're killing me! smiting me down!

2. I didn't see any mistakes

3. great chapter! (Even if it was short PPPPPPP ) finallly, 'IT' is going away XD

Must admit i'm still kinda confused about pack, flock and else wise- I still adore Faolan and how everyone has a familiar or two! I love that!


Question: is there a chance of some star-crossed lovers romance in this cuz i feel like that's what it's building up to, but that's probably just me, ne?

so anyway, you should say "Screw 'IT'" and just write a gazzillion of chapters, kay?


Cool, thanks

Yours truly-duly


I swear, it was only a twizzler- I don't know why I'm so hyper...okay, maybe it was an airhead and a pakc of skittles and barbeque chips

Oh and of course by 'IT' I mean your writers block ;) what else could i be talking about?
Azetta chapter 4 . 11/19/2011
Dear WritingKnightmare-who-writes-kick-ass-characters

When you said: ' you can borrow aidan' I was like...uhhh, this is starting to sound bad... To be clear, i am not a pedo O XD

moving on though _

Once again though, I love Faolin- she has to beat her 'man' into shape! aka, Conan. Pregnant wolf ftw!

Also, i felt like in between the part where Aidan is awarded with the adorable pooch, Conan, and then the part where she's training him- i felt like it was a huge emotional jump. sorta like one second she's thinking 'Oh yeah, i'm going to train him to be awesomesauce at this!' and then next she's like 'should i be doing this?'. Idk, trying to be helpful and failing i think...

also, again, yeah, i just wanted to check with you if it's cool if i use the Changeling word? Cuz, in my one-shot of Kitalla, she's oftan called a 'changeling' cuz she's a Natural with the freaky eyes. I'm dying to get the one shot done, but waiting on my beta is taking a while and I'm not sure i want to go much farther with out stuff like the ring and Michael, Muruta and Misaki Kitalla explained.


Anyhoo, freaking long review i knwo, right? GREAT CHAPTER THOUGH! KUDOS TO AIDAN CUZ HE'S AWEEESOMEAUUUUCE! And so is Faolin of course3

GOOD LUCK AT YOUR COFFEE HOUSE-uh, thingy? (what is it?)


ps. I noticed how you added COD in the beginning and i was like: of course...what else would he be playing XD
Stole Your Cookie chapter 4 . 11/17/2011
Really enjoying the story so far! Keep writing~~~ Also good luck in getting in
Azetta chapter 3 . 9/24/2011
Hiyooo! Sorry for taking forever- life is hectic!

But anyhoo, first, you misspelled Harvest somewhere (just saying PPP ) but no biggie

and also, to the part about the birds and cats passing on ...etc

Well you wrote that Birds passed on 'swift and silence'

And cats: 'stealth and grace'

just a random thought that i thought (yeah, i have those- go figure) what if you added 'patience' to the cat's list. Like, the patience in a hunt, the ability to wait instead of rushing it, ya know?

Idkkk, hahahah *shrug* your story, your 'da boss,lol )

Also, I'm stealing aiden! You can have my little brother for the story! Aiden is going to be mine! *hugs aiden to near-death*

UPDATE SOON- but don't stress yourself over it with school and stufferz )


Azetta chapter 2 . 9/1/2011
nomnomnomnom, lost my train of thought. noooom, oooh yeah, okay

So great second chapter (some mind block PPP And only on the second chapter! PPP ) but I feel sorta confused still with the hunter/changeling thing and so on. Like is there any system of ranking in the Hunters group? Idk, random things. When do they start training? Do they all get an animal buddy, etc

And if you have a devian art acount (unlike me lol) you should totally draw the characters or changelings, or scenery, cuz that would be pretty cool and I love checking out people's art with their story D just saying,,,, _

Update soon,,, oh right, in a week or so time lol ;) gotcha

Haradria chapter 1 . 6/27/2011
Nice work on your first chapter! The writing was nice and smooth with minimal mistakes (awesome), but I did have a little difficulty following the fight scene. Maybe it was just me, or I hadn't pictured it quite right, but I couldn't quite imagine the scene which made it a little distracting to the story (So don't worry about it too much). Very nice work overall, though!
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