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Feuer Vogel14 chapter 4 . 8/1/2011
whoa! this chapter is awesome! like...wooooowwww. so much stuff is goin on!

Mrs. Toward's this mom person, and for some reason she went to look after Sonya and such before Ceriz, and she has some Harry Potter spiders flying around, and Ceriz almost died, and the hex was uber long, then...

just wow.

epic. had that dream, huh? that's...creepy. stop freaking me out with these weird dreams! come on! though they are pretty cool...but what's up with the shadows speaking in volumes? huh? what's gonna happen?

and omg CERIIIIZZZZZ you musta really been mad at make sure he doesn't die, ok? but what's wrong! NNOOOOOOOoooooo...

please update as soon as possible!

wow...that was a short review. am I losing my touch? darn..gotta work on that...

but I just have to say: Randy is hilarious. NEW FAV!
dreamcollector chapter 4 . 7/27/2011
I LOVED IT! TOTALLY AWESOME! but i got an idea for my one book reading this *evil hehe* (it invouvise a girl named Jen and a boy named Tony...) but i'm havin the same brain frying problem...and thanks for the shout out... _...
Feuer Vogel14 chapter 3 . 7/17/2011

this is f-in awesome. you shoulda seen my face while I was reading it - guessing it would've been hilarious, but I don't keep a mirror next to our computer. And boy am I glad that nobody was around to see it...


ok, so, first of all- yeah, I did expect Asirion to be that old..(haha!) and, omg, that mysterious cup of tea...cracking up. :D

ah, love ya Asirion!

yay! Maranda's Sonya's sister! hm...I can see how they look alike, but man, when you do her own story (I vote yes to both), there should be something about how she gets her goodies, cause I'm guessing she won't teach even her sister that. very interested...(though I guess it would be a bit difficult to do..)

that dream was really creepy- I could see it in very good detail in my mind, and let me tell you, that was an epic nightmare.

and about how that necklace appeared: again, uber creepy. but all of the epic/scary/awesome stories have something like that. that's sweet, and I love those :D although..I've always wondered what it would be like to watch the person sleeping, and see something appear next to them, ya know? like if it would be like, 'poof', or gradually materialize. but it's always whenever everybody's sleeping or gone, so it never gets told...guess we'll never know...

eh...holy crap to Ceriz's instruments, too (when did he learn all of those?)

Ceriz. what are you doing. I am SOOO joining with Maranda and Randy at beating/killing him. though I would prefer the killing. AHH, I really loved Randy at that time! I don't know, I guess I just liked how sweet he was at bringing her home..sigh (yeah..this is the general area where my weird face-making was, and later)

hehe..but then Maranda came in...and..she, OMG! hilarious- everything about her. really.

but I guess I did sorta forgive Ceriz when he got hit (I actually gasped, so I must have), and, well, I don't know..I guess I'm relieved that Mrs. Toward is one of "them", and my subconscious seemed like it already knew. very nice, by the way.

hm. well. the longer you make the chapters (length is awesome, btw), the longer my reviews (or..typed up reactions). the bar on the side is so small now... and yet I still have thousands of characters

well, I'm not done with my review yet. One last thing. A little something I was thinking while reading.

Okay, so, when they were getting their weapons out 'n stuff, and then Randy got one, and they were about to leave...well, it isn't exact, since I was thinking it, but it goes sort've like this:

Randy's thinking (sorta, not really): what is going on here...WHAT? weapons? I wonder if they're like- OHMYGOD ITS A SWORD- a REAL one. and it's FOR ME. man, what I can do with a sword...I'm all powerful now..heheh...nobody can hurt me, cuz I have a's so AWESOME!

(and take care to notice the smile and comment he made before they left)

then, when they attacked, and he was all like, I'M INVICIBLE in his charge...ah, he's hilarious :D

and as I've said, that wasn't exactly what I was thinking, but I wrote it how so to give you the general idea. my thoughts made me laugh, so I put them on here. enjoy if you want. :)

man, the bar's REALLY small now.. expecting it to be long on the review-viewing page..sorry (haha-it's for a good cause :D)
Elemental Huntress chapter 3 . 7/15/2011
This is amazing! I really love your story so far, even though it's only into the third chapter. I hope you'll come to terms with that character you're angry at enough to write the next chapter! :)
Futurewriter16 chapter 2 . 7/11/2011
*A side note*

I would love to be in ur play (but we talked about that, hope it doesnt sound all "me-me"... I love the chapters! Better then what u showed me... But I am almost done with my first book (bout 12 more chapters)... Talk soon...
Elemental Huntress chapter 1 . 7/1/2011
Your ending to Fireclaw was absolutely brilliant, and this first chapter looks really promising XD

I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this! You've got me on a hook :P
Rose Sommerset chapter 1 . 6/30/2011
Reading this chapter just kept me going. It's cool and at the same time it was music. I can play the piano, but I never improvise. Keep writing it's great...:)
Feuer Vogel14 chapter 1 . 6/30/2011
EEEK! it's finally here! OMG! I'm so excited! AHHH!

and nice long chapter too- I mean, sure the ones I wright are at least seven, but I tend to like to read the shorter ones. it's weird. but this one- I'm really glad you made it long, cuz it's so awesome! :D

really like Randy and Becca- they seem like fun people to be with (ahem...excited lifestyle), and I just like characters in stories that get in trouble a lot, especially in this style :D

Sonya- does that bad dream have to do with anything? kinda...I dunno...scared

and I'm kinda having trouble with their new names...I guess I'm too used to their other ones (sigh)

all of this music stuff- it's sweet! Becca and Randy are so cool together! I really wanna hear them sing (sigh...if only they were real). Sonya and her harp- nice song choice :D Ceriz- WOW! he calls that rusty? he should hear me play... I now have an extra burst of likeness toward him from his improvisation. I mean, how could he have hid that from us? ah, Ceriz...

hehe..sorry, but... ...she just sounds hilarious from how mean she is :D aw, man...but don't you dare let her get Sonya and Ceriz in trouble. I mean it. well, I guess it would be cool, but...AH, NEVER MIND. IGNORE ME

welllllll, update soon! :D (please don't ignore that, though)
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