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Cami Errant chapter 21 . 12/26/2012
Oh dear. Just scrolling down to review took me a good five minutes this chapter is so long. But of course, it's a lovely story. I've told you a crap ton about it in emails already, including David/Twins and spanking shenanigans that would be much appreciated, but yeah.

So, the chase scene, more action, less inner monologue, but yes. Otherwise, it was very well done. I hope there are more funnies in the future, and I can't wait to see how you tie it together!
lnik chapter 21 . 12/24/2012
WOO-HOO! Cami had to tell me you updated because my email broke... again... DARNIT. TERRY, YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE A MERMAN. Ah well, plenty more chances... and Christmas is tomorrow... maybe Santa will grant my wish... So /that's/ what David does! Thanks a lot for holding that back... You should've had her turn into a whale and carry them out. How many croquet mallets/hams do they have? Are they meat enthusiasts too? Meat is murder, you know... Dang, I'm a serial killer. Where would the merman have taken them if they hadn't escaped? Will Juniper come back? Do merpeople only live in the ocean, or are they in the great lakes? Did Genevieve get attacked by mermaids when she was down in the Caribbean, or is she friends with them? Will Terry and Sam make up in the next chapter like the end of original number two? Do the twins own real lightsabers? Or are theirs pretend too? Can they hook me up with a sales guy for one? Is Tori gonna go to a dance in the next one? She could go to a SnowBall! Is there only one chapter left, or two? *chants* Please say three, please say three, please say three... Or four... If a merperson is dragged up on land for a really long time would they turn into a human? Does Juniper know how to French braid? It seems like she would... Does Terry know how to French braid? He speaks French after all... What languages do Genevieve and David take? David should join me in ASL... GINGERS FOREVER! Ack, well... MERRY CHRISTMAS!

PS I was wondering if the twins wanted to come jam to The Smiths with me? Maybe? They like classic Brit-rock...

PPS *hugs you*

PPPS *drags Terry into the hug*

PPPPS Eh, what the heck? *drags everyone in*

PPPPPS Um... *hugs you again* Best Tori update in a while! *hugs you even more tightly*
Cami Errant chapter 20 . 9/10/2012

You posted! Yaya! They're in Atlantis, which is for some reason right near Florida. Who am I to question the supernatural world? That's pretty fly, man.

I really liked this chapter, and it did not suck at all. I'm glad David isn't dead, 8ecause that would 8e very 8ad. Seriously, I love David.

Well, you know the drill. Update even sooner, get them out of Atlantis, may8e have the mermaids capture Terry's dad, the usual. Thanks again for making my day!
lnik chapter 20 . 9/10/2012
This is so NOT filler. It is too a major cliff hanger! You son of a bugger! Why couldn't Terry be shirtless? Then again, if this is filler I've got high expectations for the next untitleable chapter. Do the mermaids know about Terry's tattoo? Does Genevieve?! What are Till and Wrevor's thoughts like? Poor Sam. *imagination head ache* Do your mermaiids get drunk? Is a hot shirtless merman involved? Are the bars made out of the stuff the Iron Sisters make? (It escapes me now) Would you be opposed to having Jamie Campbell-Bower playing Virgil? I mean he is a bit old but he still would rock it. Terry would be played by... CRAP... UM... Moving on... Tori should be the girl from Super 8! My mom wants go watch Captain America... So um... IN CONCLUSION: DO NOT JUDGETH THINE OWN WRITING TO BE BORING FILLER STUFF. AND GIVE ME MORE SHADOWHUNTER MERMEN. PREFERABLY SHIRTLESS. OR UPDATE. WHICHEVER COMES FIRSTETH.
Cami Errant chapter 19 . 8/22/2012
Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaa aayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Okay. Phew. Well, you gotta love the twins. I think that short story that you put out with their development has Shown through in the story, which is awesome.

Yaya for David! I've got a whole story going in my head where the twins are fighting over her and she hits Kyon level Obliviousness. Yeah...

Thank you for the beautiful rainbow coated update! I will try to follow your example! Huzzah!
lnik chapter 19 . 8/21/2012
I KNEW IT WAS THOSE DAMN MERMAIDS! TERRY, DON'T WORRY! I THINK YOU'RE A SEXY MERMAID- I mean... *cough cough* You're letting David along? Yay! I've always wanted to see Atlantis. Is Terry's dad in cahoots with the mermaids? Silly Winston the penguin. NOW I know where T&W's powers come from... So, wait, did they recognize Ms Mehall as one of them? Is Ms Mehall gonna be ticked that they left? Or is she just gonna have more hard lemonade? Does time pass differently underwater? Are they gonna show back up at the end of summer?! David would look like the little mermaid. Minus her Beatles shirt. Is Gennaveive related to these mermaids? *rubs chin in wonder* Triton is all for them being Mermaids. Melody slapped him. Wait- WHY DID PSYCHO MERMAID WANT TWO BOY TOYS? ARE MERMAIDS POLYGAMOUS TOO?! Or does she have an evil twin named Ursula? Do T&W even know where the mermaids are? Have the been there before? Lucky Ducks. UPDATE?!

PS- Sam, you better be careful if Terry's a mermaid... I MIGHT COME FOR HIM. *Evil cackle*
lnik chapter 18 . 7/24/2012
Procrastinated review that was mostly written two days ago but still not quite:

I'LL VOUCH FOR YOUR MANLINESS, TERRY! *cough cough* I blame the mermaid... What book was Monica reading on the beach? Curious as to what a gay teenage elf would read... What was Holly drinking? Did Terry's dad attack Sam (I may have already asked this)? But seriously, what did the mermaid do? Unless it was the vamp that originally attacked Sam (circa book two), who was trying to use them as ransom/bait? Where did the twins go? Did they want to buy some of what Holly had? Is this all in coincidence with they fact that Holly actually cooked a good meal, or is it a conspiracy? If the latter: does this conspiracy also include the mystery book two vamp (let's call him Winston) or the chlorine elf problem? Ha! No, I'm not I'm not on a sugar high. Is Winston Terry's dad's secret boyfriend? On that note: Where's Terry's mom during all of this? Is she a drunkard too? Must be the Holly drink... Where's Terry's dad during this scene? Will he help them look? Or has HE kidnapped them to be witnesses to his and Winston's secret wedding ceremony in Las Vegas? I think I've spent more time on this review than on reading the actual chapter. I should probably stop. I doubt that 90% of this was actually relevant, but that's gotta bring it down to the length of normal review, right? No? Damn. Update?
Cami Errant chapter 17 . 6/21/2012
Well, it's satisfying to be caught up (finally). It took me like three years, but I know where you left off with your masterpiece.


I'm like about to cry every time you mention Terrence and Sam in the same sentence, and they're adorable, and Virgil actually does have a personality, despite popular belief, and the twins' parents are *****, and It's just so beautiful, and I love the twins, and my laptop is a zombie/vampire, and I love The Beatles (but that particular song has some bad memories for me. I won't explain), and Tori is an idiot for asking what could go wrong, because I know you're gonna throw them all into crap, and Terry's dad is also a *****, and I love it a lot.

Cami Errant chapter 3 . 4/30/2012

How on earth did you manage to split the Cheshire Cat into two red-headed twins?


I'm gonna draw them after I draw Sam. I promise you.
lnik chapter 17 . 3/10/2012
OMG! Till and Wrevor's parents suck! I can't believe they're so mean! Is Jim magical? I just thought about that. How did T & W come from THOSE parents? And what did their ser tell them not to do? They should coat him it glitter. Or make him do summer homework. How can Terry's dad (what IS his name?) get drunk? T & W should go paint my aunt's house. Don't worry Tori, us clumsy people shall one day unite and rule the world *pause for dramatic effect*! You should have Virgil join an ultimate frisbee team! Then again, he might turn into a dog while he's playing... If Jim and Holly ever get married you should have him doing all the cooking. Are T & W gonna throw another party? Is the mermaid gonna capture the Halls? Is Sam's uncle worried about where Sam is? Even if Sam told him where he was going, his uncle seems like the type to forget. Damn. This review is long. I'll stop now. UPDATE?
lnik chapter 16 . 2/27/2012
That was THE MOST dramatic chapter you've ever written! Poor poor poor Terry! Is he going to have to mate with the mermaid, I mean she would like that, right? Sam must be creeped out that he has some sort of delusional competition! Is Terry a vampire prince? He would be a good vampire prince. UPDATE?
lnik chapter 15 . 2/20/2012
Poor Terry! You should have him and Monica kiss to make her understand! Why isn't she bothering Till and Wrevor? Do we get to see her magical mermaid kingdom? What does Sam think of all this? Will Jim propose to Holly? I like Reeses... But I'm givin up junk food for lent! Will you post your word master story? Update?
lnik chapter 14 . 1/22/2012
I AM REVIEWING! It just took me a while. I finally found a good book, and you know how distracted a book can make me. Anyways... Did they really do it because of sea turtle eggs? You should make a spin off series of short stories talking about all the things Till and Wrevor have done... Also, are we going to see Juniper again? I liked her alot.
lnik chapter 12 . 10/29/2011
Yay! She found the necklace! I'm gonna need to throw a party for the next chappy! You in for Camille's and my writing group? :)
Nnnduuuuuuude chapter 11 . 10/21/2011
This is so sad and so awesome and so funny and so fun and you're amazing.

...So there.

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