Reviews for in the imaginary attic
steffxnie chapter 1 . 9/12/2011
i haven't reviewed anything for a while but i just have to comment. :)

you've got me at the start. that 'distant, photograph-scented future' is something i think about from time to time. like how a moment is like a polaroid which fades in time and when you think back, you can see all the details and all that's happening in your mind. the words in this piece feel effortless and natural and i like that. it moves in a slow pace but good enough to make me ponder too.

the second part is my favorite. the whole thing about the boy, it's something i can relate to. it feels so vivid and real and to me, the characters are just so alive. :

i like how the third part is short and made up of quotes. it seems like some time has passed? and the narrator is puzzled, like i am.

good choice of words in the forth part. :)

i also like how it always go back with a description of the tree. (and after reading your a.n at the end i can confirm the forest does echo the girl's emotions/thoughts)

it's so simple, yet says a lot.

the ending is good with the repetition. i'm fond of endings like these. the whole piece seems to go in a circle and stop at a moment for the narrator. it feels satisfying for the reader too.

well i have enjoyed that. hope you don't mind me writing such an overly-detailed review haha. i would love to read more! write on! ;)