Reviews for Time won't turn back
TheGlycoprotein chapter 1 . 11/25/2012

Just oh. Oh my goodness. I think I might just cry. I can relate to this so well. It's like life ends when you look into their eyes and there's nothing left but a void... *mutters internally to self and says to pull it together enough to leave a good review*

Poetry. I knew there was something else here.

Poetry... this piece is the very definition of the word. The imagery, the pain, the torture, captured so beautifully in a net of the most delicate words made fragile by the situation itself. And that fragility makes it all the more beautiful. My favourite bit was "Yet me tears dripped down all the same/even if I couldn't be there/ I'm sure you felt me wanting to be with you, right...?". Those three lines, for me, make this whole piece. They show the love, the torture, the pain, the longing...

This is just amazing. Simply and utterly amazing.