Reviews for Bea, Are You Feeling Okay?
MarmotYazik chapter 1 . 7/16/2011
Gosh, that is so sad!

I was so involved I was almost ready to start screaming at Bea not to listen to him!

I was born and still am painfully skinny, and everyone I know has commented on that at least once. When I was younger (around eight to nine) I could put my hands around my waist when I suck my stomach in, which I hated, and still hate, and I always wished I was fat because I assumed it's so much easier to lose weight than to gain it.

I know it's different now, and it always makes me want to cry when I think about anorexics/bulimics because I used to get so depressed about being so tall and skinny, and I think if there was a 'vomit' option for me, I would have gone that far, and I don't think body image should ever make you even consider almost killing yourself.

But I do digress :) Your title for the play is so beautiful. For me, it represents the play wonderfully; It is the question 'Bea' will probably be asked the most, and it is the question that, when timed perfectly, could help her.

Also, the man was very persuasive, and, he was introduced well enough into the story that the conversation didn't seem scripted, just purely natural sounding, with each question, response and statement flowing etc.

Eeeek I've written a lot, but I'll jsut finish by adding that I looooved this, it was wonderful, and I wonder if you ever plan on trying it out on the stage?