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Underak3r chapter 28 . 9/20/2012
Rockets, Missiles, and MiniCannons OH MY lololololol awesome title.

Ive really come to like Miki. Great addition to the crew. Not sure whether or not i just like her because she yells "Anesthesia!" *BAMMMMMMM* poor fish never seen it coming. Plus she is shy makes for a pretty interesting character. After all, how many shy people do you know that carry around a 5 ton hammer and hit people with it?

As for the homo guy, he is an ok guy i suppose. Maybe next time if you decide to use him again, you can make him not homo and shock pancake XD make him super macho or maybe create a battlesuit of some kind to beef him up.

As for seeing you at school, I'll think of something.
melawe chapter 28 . 9/16/2012
well i feel better my chapter is only like 3 pages from being done and then everyone shall get a dose of jasper cause he didnt really show up in this chapter huh. and now the bonus chapter will make more sense dont ya think
Magic Jac chapter 28 . 9/16/2012
Jerry has the WORST luck.
Jac of Stats chapter 27 . 8/29/2012
Miki is so scary Is Pancake gonna get a gun or new ammo now?!
Underak3r chapter 27 . 8/24/2012
NoOt much i can say on this but


So tired i cant think of much more to say almost 5 hours after doing this and i finally caught back up :P i hope your happy now

and yes we all know how important girl time is yet i doubt that she will get much. more like miki will be drooling the whole time...either that or daydreaming
Underak3r chapter 26 . 8/24/2012
its like a reversed pedophile...such a young girl going after older dudes XD

looks like the GI bill pulled through and i can see you again . its been a while and again i must say nice hair color, I have always liked it.

Pull up bar ACTIVAT 5...wtfu you doing ya gonna pass out DX

wait a minute this almost sounds like some weird coincidence with exercising i heard about recently
Underak3r chapter 25 . 8/24/2012
Well i must say you writing sure is getting better as you go on, reason being is there are some phrases that you like using alot but refrained from using this time over and over again. Plus along with that each chapter gets longer XD

lol oooo a nest lets tear it down O.o mmmm honeeeee...ZOMG RUN LOL

send congradulations for me to your sister even though im only how many weeks or months late?
Underak3r chapter 24 . 8/24/2012
you do have a thing for pickin chicks up bridal style dont you .

poor pamcale lolololol epic type fail...didnt want to erase it cause i thought it looked funny but poor pancake
"The horror, The horror"

lol like how you doodled on octanes face XD
Underak3r chapter 23 . 8/24/2012
...I didn't even have to read it to understand, read the title and said oh shit this outta be good XD

you bringing this ups reminds me of this one day at school but anyways XD

also i had the understanding of this long ago and it happened cause i asked why this one chick had a stomachache...worst thing i could have ever said LOLOLOLOL so when i see someone like that or tells me its not like a stomachache im like ooooooo ok i gotcha and some say its not like i think and so it got me confused so i just stopped asking and just assume the worst.

Id rather not chance having tables thrown at me
Underak3r chapter 22 . 8/24/2012
Archie is so cuddly :3 i want one .

lol midget feet and 2 and 1/2 i thought they were smaller...What big feet you have.

oh crap giant pancake broke the world...we all knew pancake would end the world but why end it in 2012 we just graduated DX

ya you better write a second book what do you expect to do with all my free time then...finish writing my own? Dont make me laugh. XD just kidding im thinking about it i just dont know what i want to do with my story yet. I want it to be more of a horror esc type story however i also want it to be an adventure as well which is hard to combine sometimes.
Underak3r chapter 21 . 8/24/2012
loooooooool 2012 underwear XD ill leave that discussion for another time...anyways XD

i love how being stabbed in the stomach magically cured him...what did it trigger and overbearing desire to eat something or someone...cause i know im pretty invincible when it comes to me wanting food.

... i keep thinking of more moves for alex and nick though and its getting kind of aggrevating cause i dont want to tell you too much so i can use it in my own story XD

poor pancake seems to be hypnotized by something that doesnt work. Ill prove it *hold pendulum in front of face and swings it*...*drrroooooooooollllllll* *passes out*
Underak3r chapter 20 . 8/24/2012
interesting chapter nice blend of creepy rooms. I would like to say that nick and alex should have a special move far surpassing Lions Paw though, maybe they could discover through some way. For instance i know that they get cut alot and you mentioned the look bloody from head to toe. This made me think of a new move called the Crimson Dawn. Basically what happens is the blood hardens as an exoskeleton armor and this causes them the become enraged as well which speeds their movement far beyond comprehension, beaming in and out of space and time. Sort of like cutting holes in the universe to warp. They could come to this new move through various ways like bleeding out all their blood which causes them to die but as their spirits ascend and go to a special place they could come to meet some entity to speak some foreign esc words and cause them to be enlightened some how but ill leave those details to you if you choose to use it.

sorry again for the posting but ill put up responses for all of them tonight
Underak3r chapter 19 . 8/24/2012
lol too illiterate XD anyways i find pancake in this chapter to be overly childish this time around. Always does things that i think a child would do lol. My favorite part was "Maybe the penguins attacked him at the pond" "Oh my God i was right" lolololol

I may work on my story,but i havent recently, been really lazy lately. oh and you better believe im gonna come to your piano concerts when you start doin em :P just like i promised i would way back when

I stopped watching one piece since the last time we talked about it, im letting them all rack up so i can have a marathin run again.
booklover1698 chapter 27 . 8/23/2012
True, she was fairly easy, unlike the others! XD My favorite was probably Jasper! That was FUNNILARIOUS! Update soon! I can't wait to read more AWESOMAZING chapters by you!
melawe chapter 27 . 8/19/2012
hey well guess what i finished that picture of Alex and Nick in their princly attire so ill be sending you the picture soon. and im proud you finish BEFORE i had to threaten you :3
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