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roxyideman chapter 17 . 1/1/2012
Whoa Jranxie is jealous! *evil laugh* You deserved it cause you're an asshole (regardless the hotness)I love how Vonshori is such a troll without even aknowledging it! *eyes turn wide and sparkly*

AH! Zern is a pervert. I can sense it by his very first line in this , yes. We know Jranx. You are the boss. Everyone else is at your disposal. OMG DA FUUUQ? What did Zern just say? Handcuffs? FANTASIES? WAIT WUT? Zern is gay? *jaw drop*

Aw, anyways, I like how protective Zern is. I didn't expect such a relationhip between the Stone(-cold) brothers!

MU HA HA WHAT'S BEEN GOING ON? Jranx is in love! That's what's been going on. With Kami Kam-Kam OvO *happy fan-girl face*

Yeah ok Zern, relax. Like Red would allow Jranx's hand to be cut off and ruin his perfect-ness. No she wouldn't do that to me!

*huge gasp* Rust! He is ZERN'S B*TCH! How hadn't I realized that earlier? Omg why do I feel sorry for Rusty? Maybe cause I think Zern is a perverted sadist as his brother pointed out so wisely -_- (did Zern cornered Rust in the bathroom? He did, didn't? THAT PEDOPHILE!) *excuse my outburst*

Seriously now. There's a whole lot of family drama going on. That's probably why Jranx is so...uhm... cold all the time (except when he's with KAM)

Vonshori makes me laugh. He is cute *O* And dear Von I bet Jranx knows how to handle that SWORD *face turns perverted*

BAHAHAHAHA TOMATO? FUUU** THAT! *woops sorry* but that was so random. I can only imagine Vonshori's shocked face (and maybe twitching eye)!

WAIT. Isn't Lektrin a girl? O.o WHAT'S GOING ON! IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME? Man, no Vonshori just got it wrong. Lektrin is a girl. And she is deffinitely in the list of my favorite characters. She is so bold and smart. And poor Vonshori is so naive! And kinda stupid. Why let go of such a wondeful person. I would keep her as my pet if not as my friend!

OMG marked?Zern will mark people... :O SATAN WILL MARK HIS FOLLOWERS! The end begins O-O Oh well, obviously Rust is in love with Kam. She is the queen in there. But dude, seriously? When an amazingly hot and straight guy like Jranx is standing right in front of you, will you chose bisexual Rusty? I woudln't. Cause nonetheless, Rust reminds me of an outrageously cute 3-year old and I just wanna pat his head!

OH GOD. I can't believe this is happening. DON'T TELL ME! ARE THEY GONNA KISS? wait... omg hahaha Kam just made a reference to Jranx's sex sounds *troll face* AAAAAH! THEY KISSED! Finally, dude! I've been expecting that for soooo long! It was so beautiful :') You planned the perfect scenery for their first kiss! Thank you Red, for this wonderful present... :D NOW WRITE ABOUT THEM HAVING SEX!


(I loved that chapter *v*)
BoogieChip chapter 17 . 12/28/2011
lol, zern is officially stripped of his title...he will now be known as 'The Sibling'...

OMG! Zern is into guys AND S and M ! that's so wrong...but so right!

AwWWWWWW! Zern wuvs Jranx! sibling bonds make me so warm and fuzzy inside! OH GOD! I want to see sweet lil six year old jranx! *cuddles* DAW! Jranx is just so stubborn and cute...i want to squeeze him!

"it doesn't even hurt and more-!Fuck!...dont' touch it..."

Freaking priceless.

RUST! okay jranx...leave so zern can have him...ima go get some popcorn X3

the cash, the cow...the FROOT LOOPS! you know what i mean dawg! lol lektrin going on and on about the money made me laugh!

Oooooohhhh bad Rust; he's a kinky lil playa! screwing jranx's brother while coveting his love interest-sucka punch if i eva seen it!...I give permission to Zern to *bleeeep* his brains out. I have to supervise of course...*koff* on that note...

*cracks up laughing* RUST! Kami would snap you in half like a breadstick. that or shock you grey with her evil

i think its more of a love pentagon...lets not forget the confused Shori pop...

punching to relieve sexual frustration is a SURE sign of Sadism Kammikins...i suppose that is to be expected; her father IS Demetri.

Teehee. they finally kissed...*throws confetti*

OMG! more seme-ness! is Zern gunna corner Rust and do this and that? OH YEAH!

good work holmes! lol sorry i haven't been around...i'm taking the baton and munching on it for inspiration., we take what we can get these
BoogieChip chapter 16 . 12/5/2011
Shori! your so ROUGH! *enter perv laugh* i don't think poor rusty's ready for that level! i know he's lying there quivering, but my god! control yourself! lol

*looks at other readers* you know you were thinkin it too!

oooooooohhhhhh! Kam was SO about to kick Shori's ass for being with was starting to look...questionable in that secluded hallway...

Over a girl? baby, amanda was corrupt long before you met her...she's a GIRL.

AWWWWW! Jranx and Shori-pop working together! *sniffs* i'm so proud! GROUP HUG!

Oh no...Shori just wants to be friends! poor POOKIN! *pats on head*

and the love plot thickens!

LOL dangerous black haired girls...fear them.

good chap mate!
roxyideman chapter 16 . 12/5/2011
OMG OMG OMG I am so excited! I can't believe you updated! Why you didn't warn me? :(

Oh, go Von, kick his butt! Uh... No, sorry. That's the wrong butt. That's Rust's little homo butt! Awww I missed Rusty Rust :D

(Flipping Gorilla Mwahahahahaha) Why is Rust amiable? He's freakin cute!

AH sexy Jranx with sexy energin eyes! I want him to look at me, too! GIMME GIMME SOME!

And dude, Vonshori is right. Why thoes stuck-ups keep fighting one another the time they should be working together! But please, Von. I know what you think about Adrian. And that is: Booooobs! te he heeee

Yes! Kam seeing them glued together! That was something I wanted to read. She was much calmer than I expected. But no, she's a good person, she reacted like she should have reacted.

*massive facepalm* Seriously Vonshori? You? Kick Demitri's ass like a true badass? Well...Maybe some day. In 20-25 years... When you'll have hair under your arms and a moustache. *kidding of course* Von is HOT as he is!

Why he doesn't want to wake up next to him? I would! I would spend the night Jranx anytime ;D Or the day...Whatever suits you baby (horny face)

Wow, I can't believe we got to peek into Jranx's soul! I think Vonshori is absolutely right and I also think what Jranx needs is a medicine called "Kam". Right? RIGHT? Those guys just need to hook up! Other than that, Vonshori and Jranx could match as friends. If they got rid of all that selfishness and if Jranx took some time to pee. Cause he looks a bit tense .

hahaha "YOU!" classic line! Love it xD

Omg That action scene is amazingly well-written. NOOO you don't need to kill him! Why, don't ruin your sweetness Von-Von D: I can't believe those boys are that immature to kill each other for some girl! How are they supposed to save the world like this? -_- Boys, hun, what'd you expect?

JEEZ Now Jranx has to lose his hand? Phew, it was just a burn. RED you scared da shit outa me! This chapter made me nervous. That's not a good thing to do to your readers!

Aw Jranxie loves Kami!*.* *melts into colorful goo*

errr *facepalm again* It wasn't Kam who kissed you, you stupid cupcake! _ Now you pissed Jranx off... Good for you Von!

AHAHAHAHAHA I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WROTE THAT! When Valora said "Fucking weirdo..." my face turned red from laughing and my brother asked "Are crying?" and YES! I was crying from laughing. Mwahaha they are so random just popping up in Aizis with their advanced hovercraft

I'm so sorry for the long review but you ahould expect those from now on. I loved the chapter! It was awesome! We had action, humor AND we learned important stuff bout our beloved characters.

BoogieChip chapter 15 . 11/26/2011
OMG! MITKL! *glomps*

your very very im gunna HAVE to cameo one of your characters in mine! lol! that scene was SO CUTE!

lol POOR SHORI-POP! this is like bib brother,fantasy version...

this chapter f*ckin cracked me UP! this chapter was so not sucky! i LOVED it! and Lektrin is *high pitch* AWESOME!

I'm sorry i've been dragging my ass about my least I can read yours! lol

ps. sorry it took me so long...

keep up the good work holmes! XD
roxyideman chapter 15 . 11/22/2011
Ooh my. Oooooh my... Kam is in really DEEP shit. She is wanted now and in addition, she's identified as a spy? But I shouldn't worry. She is tough and she can manage! I know O-O!

BAHAHAHAH the peeing scene was awesome! Vonshori didn't want Jranx to peek at his wee-wee? He can play hard and swear as much as he wants, but he will always b E! *v*

And don't think that I don't know who the "head-patter" in the infirmity was! ;) It was Adrian of course and she wants some DI...ouhfohwsfohws never mind that! I can totally get it. Vonshori is fiiine, oh yeah, he is. NOW GIMME SOME ADRIANxVON! GIIIIMMEEEE, GIMME NOOOOW! *calms down to catch breath from intense screaming*

My favorite scene was the moment when Von asks Jranx about Kam. I can totally imagine Jranxe's face - -_- (and mental facepalm)

Poor Von-Von, how could he now! He's so caring! He was just trying to find a pair for satan's son and Demitri's clone D:

And omg was that cook the Jilly-Jilly guy?

LOVED THE CHAPTER. it was sooo fun. We got to know the characters a lot better and I adore the new additions. I deff want to hear more bout Lektrin(awsome name, awesome character) and Nathiel of course(om nom, I spotted a doctor!)
BoogieChip chapter 14 . 10/27/2011
AW! TEH CUDDLES! Jranx and Shori sittin ina tree...K-i-s-s-i

*Gets rotten tomatoes thrown at her*

And Kam TOO! Jranx and Kam-kam sittin ina tree...f-u-c-

*gets anvil tossed at her*

Poor his nuts cracked...(go Kam!*cough*)

n OH MAH BABY SHORI! threw himself in the line of fire for his mortal enemy! its love i tell you!

but shame on Jranx for eatin Shori's cinnamon rolls! that's a reason for WAR in some countries! lol

good chapter! X3
roxyideman chapter 14 . 10/27/2011
mwahahahaha captain goody two-shoes! awww what a disturbing name :D

OMG HORNY SLUTS BACK OFF JRANX'S HUGE BICEPS! But Kam, sweetheart, be dynamic but not so dramatic. He's a man and he's straight (good for you) and he likes breasts (how surprising :D). I'm sure that doesn't change the way he feels about her. AND he is uncotrolably hot *.* I would jump him anytime (oopsie, gonne too far, eh?)

eww jerry is disgusting. Kam should deffinitely press on his blotch until he faints *whispers* wtf is up with him and his weird tongue! Kam back off, you don't know where the heck he's put that tongue of his -.O AH! ahahaha When she kicked him and he fell on his knees I was like "Now grab his hair! GRAB IT! GRAB IT!" and she did! Awesome OvO

Well well, look who's here! Lanton! And oh Jranx must be so tall and muscular! Aaah I can't stand so much hotness! *bursts into colorful stars* Thank you for that delightful

KamxJranx T-T !

Spazzy's funny! I thought the whole thing really did look like Jerry had his meal stolen!

Aw Von-Von - Bad Jranx ate all of your rolls! Those boys act like liitle kids (especially when it comes to girls and food).*ROFL* Vonshori always has to handle the assholes and the sadist. Seriously Jranx? TAKE HIM TO PEE? Do you need to wipe his butt too?Noooo... I don't think so JRANXY-WANXY!

O.O FREAKING... Von ran away like a genuine chicken! Imagining that is awfully hilarious! And after being ready to sacrifice himself for the asshole (hot asshole *.*) he has the pleasure to cuddle with him! mwahahaha Too bad Vonshori likes pu**y! (evil smile) I loved the ending, I loved the chapter, I loved your flawless writing! You had me hooked all along O.O It was the best chap so far *.* I can tell that what's coming is even better! *unbarable excitement conquers her body and roxy drops from the chair with a happy grimace fixed on her face*
roxyideman chapter 13 . 10/4/2011
OMG I started reading the part where Von desrcibes Kam and I was like what the freaking piece of f u ck? Then the little shit dares to ask Kam who she is! And I'm like - O.O

And Von starts talking all princely and nobleman-ly . And he worries about a bruise? This is a whole new kind of Vonshori, which by the way I imagine with an english accent o.O Poor sweetie, evil Demitri keeps torturing him whatever his accent is D: I wonder what Denitri lied to Kam about?

AAAHHH Jranx is a slut! He went with another girl? Logical enough. He is so hot -_-

And what does Kam mean by wondering why he is like that? She means why he is hot right? SWEETIE HE'S HOT BECAUSE YOU ARE A LUCKY LITTLE DONUT!

Oooh and Kam is a little tiny pervert! Of course who wouldnt be a pervert for Jranx? "Do something she'd regret", as jump him? TEEHEEHEE WHY NOT? (evil face) Aww he's such a cute little puppy following her Wow I didn't know Kam could turn him into such a softie! A tough one, of course, but still, a softie, compared to his assholic behavior towards Von.

I hate alcohol cuase it tastes bad, too. I only like wine and beer. I'm cheap like that :D

AH! VON IS BACK at last! Wow I guessed his power source was sun but I was mistaken! Jeez I didn't expect Zern and Demitri to be so evil :O I'm sure that bastard Zern corrupted Demitri -.-

I loved the chap! Can't wait for part 2! The preview got me all excited :D And Kam is deffinitely a bad girl. I bet she's even worse than Jranxie ;)
BoogieChip chapter 13 . 10/3/2011
Shori-pop is now...the ACID WONDER! don't take that in the wrong context kids, i'm sure no character in this story is using LSD...or are they? I knew this sounded too much like alice in wonderland! Lol

and Kami-kins and Jranx are suffering from tuff! i swear we were on the same wave length when writing! Kam, Jill, Jranx and Sandman's theme song for the week:

"I don't like you~ but I love you~ seems that i'm always~ thinking of you~ oh oh~ you treat me badly~ I love you madly~ you really got a hold on me!"

oh, the abuse of our characters...

good chapter...*holds bowl out* more please...
Abahgal Thomas chapter 1 . 10/1/2011
Awesome! I really like your story! It sounds really interesting! :DD
Tauria chapter 10 . 9/4/2011
Oooh . . . interesting . . . and review I shall, even tho the next update is already here for me . . . :DD
Tauria chapter 9 . 9/4/2011
lolz this was a very interesting chapter! And hopefully I can catch up on all that I have missed, and boost ur happiness with more reviews :DD
roxyideman chapter 12 . 9/3/2011
WHAT DA HECK? stupid buzzer always spoiling the important ?


Was Rusty Rust the one having sex in the bath that day? Omg that is weirrrrd. He's such a cute guy

Kam looks a lot like Demitri sometimes. But she's much better cause she is a girl :D Btw I miss Demitri :( I miss his manly hotness D:

I LOVED THE TURNAMENT Omg Vomshori is the firefox! fireboy!That's why he has red hair. And now they're gonna study him like a guinea-pig? I hope not o.o

And OH MAH GAWD Jranx is hotter than I thought. Why do assholes have to be hot? Huh?

I can't wait for KamxJranx!
BoogieChip chapter 12 . 9/3/2011
KAM AND JRANX! the world is truly doomed...

Kam: shall I eat their beating hearts, dear?

Jranx: Not before I skewer them on a stick for you, lovey!

Their babies will be cold staring, order barking monsters! Shori is doomed! I guess the sadistic genes must live on!

Wasn't Jranx playing naughty with Rust in the shower? Jranx may not live long if Kam-kins finds out...

Okay, dat, was cool! Shori is a fire breathing ball of cuteness! scorching the whole arena wondering "did I do that?"

and Rust is my new cuddle monkey! he has a crush on SHORI! AWWWWW! and Adri is gettin pushy in the boys bathroom! naughty girl! okay, okay, she only washed his hair, but come on! that's practically sex!

Oh, here's your picture! #/d48r5vu
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