Reviews for Keegan Morgan
drazer434 chapter 1 . 8/31/2011
Returning the review :).

I think this is an interesting subject from a little short story. It reads more like an essay to me with the characters simply personifying the different points of view, which is a pretty unique way to write it actually and put forward the arguments in the different way. However, I think this essayishness detracts somewhat from it being a story in its own right.

There is little depth in the characterisation here, with both characters seeming more like reflections of their argument than characters in themselves. This would be less of a problem if there was more character development beforehand, but because you have each individual chapter as one shots in their own right they should be able to stand alone.

Which brings me onto my next point. Is there a particular reason that you have each of the chapters or each little section as an individual story. I think the story you're weaving of the family would seem deeper and more intertwined if you wove them together in one collection with the stories relating to each other. It might be more difficult, but I think it would be more fulfilling to read rather than just diving into little snapshots of characters lives, characters who we know nothing about.

As for the subject matter, I think the debate was written well although it was somewhat frustrating to read when you disagree with the point of the view of the main character and his opponent is arguing the opposite point very well :P. I like the way you've left the ending ambiguous with the winner not yet decided. That lets the reader draw their own impressions and I think it widens the appeal.

Hope this helped.