Reviews for The Cutting Edge
Ano Hito chapter 1 . 12/16/2011
Huh. I wonder how I didn’t read this one before o.0 (I got so roped into Geass fandom that, well, anything that doesn’t have Suzaku in it kind of fails to entice me. Sorry XD). Well, on a more serious scale, I have managed to become picker over prose in the last twelve months, and I will admit I wasn’t quite sure if I wouldn’t be too attention-deficient to appreciate this. Because you, like Sarah, tend to pay a lot of attention to little details that, sometimes, go over my head, and I always feel like having to pay extra attention.

That’s not a criticism. Just an observation and me being strange. I think I just tend to favour dialogue and functional prose more than anything else lately.

Anyhow, when I finally got over myself and read I found myself rather liking the detail – especially the wisdom tooth motif was a smart way to talk about backwards maturing and, finally (if the tooth being pulled away can be seen as a metaphor for that) Michael’s independence and creativity falling away at the seams.

(I still think you could have cut at points, but that’s really minor crit. I would just suggest, perhaps, going through this piece if you’re tired, and – if you notice something being difficult or exhausting to read – I’d suggest *that* could be tone down. But that’s YMMV. There were just a few things that were repeated unnecessarily).

I really liked the characterisation in this. Michael is a lot like teenage version of Peter Pan, kind of stuck in eternal puberty (rebelling and not rebelling, feeling sorry for himself without getting that other people are going through crap as well).

LOL. You really like your rentboys, dysfunctional families and promiscuous characters as well :P I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE.

(No seriously, the camera scene was hot XD. Y-you could have fleshed that out *shot*).

elationship thing he had going on with single mother. I found it to be bleak, but also quite interesting because it just shows how emotionally stunted the guy is.

Hmm. Christine. I rather liked that she didn’t seem like an airhead but somehow sweet. Makes me sad to think that it probably won’t end well for them.


You know the scene between Michael and his father was easily one of my favourite in this piece. I don’t know why – maybe because, while it was dark, it wasn’t gloom and somehow had this dark humour attached to it. Maybe I like the dry humour Michael’s Dad put on display.

Right. This is a useless review and erratic, but I just wanted to tell you I liked (in my roundabout way).
Megas Alexandros chapter 1 . 7/16/2011
Nice to see Michael is his old depressing (and depressed) self. XPP

This was considerably less slashy than I'd hoped, but I loved it any way. It doesn't ruin ABahH; on the contrary, it completes it. It's a curious insight into Michael and how he came to be the way he is in the Epilogue (and where Christine comes from). It's interesting to see that he misses not only Tom, but Laia as well (though I'd rather take it as a symbol of his missing the whole theatre; also, nice touch with hating Spanish; was it aimed at Tabitha somehow?)

Loved Stevie's cameo (even if it wasn't really her) and Michael's obsession with being loved. Poor thing, he typically searches for the solution to his problem elsewhere even if he knows he is the problem.

I think I miss this 'verse. Do you perchance plan to write more of these characters? ;)