Reviews for Helpers
Simplywonderful88 chapter 5 . 9/27/2011
STOP CHANGING UR USERNAMES ITS SO HARD TO FIND YOU! GRRR anyway i already read this..and i think i already reviewed it when i was at ur house but however...IM GONNA DO IT AGAIN! i was almost definate that u said u wrote another story and posted it here...but whatever maybe that was a dream or something. so that night that i reviewed i was extremely tired so let me extend on this...I LOVE CODY. kay thanks (or as kate would say it 'thank') hahahaha I LOVE UR POODLE ITS AWESOME and yes anyone else who was reading this will have no idea what i am talking about and will think im completely crazed...but ohh well sucks for them. PLEASE UPDATE THIS MORE AND DO NOT GIVE UP ON IT! U NEVER TOLD ME THE PLOT OF THE STORY SO I WANNA NO HOW EVERYTHING TURNS OUT (ok u gave me the basic plot but u didnt tell me the ending so yeah i would like to know) ENJOY READING THIS! TTYL-i dont know how to end this so PEACE!
U no me chapter 5 . 9/16/2011
Ok that was really good! U havent updated in so long so that needs to change! I. Have a feeling that Cody isn't really the good guy idk he just seems so iffy to me... And yeah its two am u fell asleep but I'm happy cause I finally got to read this!I lovvveeedddddd it! Really good which is why you should update soon! Eeek,,!