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Guest chapter 5 . 9/13/2014
Emma chapter 5 . 5/4/2014
It's been a long time since I took the time to read unsigned writing, but my god this was a fantastic reentrance. I was absolutely captivated from start to finish and will be checking out the rest of your writing straight away.
dr3 chapter 5 . 3/14/2012
Like the HEA of this chapter ;p *YaY*
dr3 chapter 4 . 3/14/2012
Poor Sam is confused and terrified. Hope Jake will save him. Really want to step on Brendan really really hard.
Esquirella chapter 5 . 7/19/2011
Great story!
Chariline chapter 5 . 7/19/2011
Awww that's so adorable! I just said that out loud! XD It would be a cute ending if this were a short story but there is still the matter of Brendan and if he'll actually go to jail or anything. Which I hope he does. I hate him. :P

And and Jake finally realized that he does love Sam and that it's okay to. :3 Now they just gotta have a kiss when Sam isn't injured or has had alcohol. XD

Ahhhh update soon or I'll go insane! XD

Hearts, Chari!
Chariline chapter 4 . 7/19/2011
I'm dreading Sam's meeting with Brendan too... Uh oh, I do remember one terrible thing Brendan almost did to Sam and... oh no! D: He's gonna do bad stuff to Sam!

I'm getting sucked into your words, they truly do paint a world all their own. :3

Hearts, Chari!
Satellite-Princess chapter 5 . 7/19/2011
I really like this story. Everything flows very smoothly, realistically

I feel like your characters are very easy to relate to, their understandable

Keep up the good work

*Two thumbs up*
Chariline chapter 3 . 7/19/2011
I have to confess that I skimmed the part where Brendan was hurting Sam because I love Sam already and I couldn't bear to read about him being hurt. D:

Tehee~ when Jake had his sudden outburst at dinner I just had to laugh cuz I was imagining it as if it were in a

movie and everything was so delightfully awkward that I just couldn't keep from a giggle now and then. :3

This is fantastic!

Hearts, Chari
Chariline chapter 2 . 7/19/2011
Ahhh I'm so frightened for Sam! He's going to get hurt or worse, I just know it! :( Brendan sounds terrible and the prime example of an abusive person... Though my analytical side wonders what made him that way and if we ever get to find out. I doubt i could ever pity Brendan... But I could maybe understand him a bit better at least.

I'm really hoping that Jake and Sam can make up, I'm positive that Jake is in love with Sam and I'm scared of what will happen next to Sam when he goes over to break up with Brendan... D:

But I'm excited! XD

Hearts, Chari!
Chariline chapter 1 . 7/19/2011
No pitchforks, just cookies and scones and cakes for you! :D :D :D I can make all of them. :3

This is fantastic! Your descriptions are superb and the dialogue is really great. I like how we only get enough of the backstory to understand rather than you chucking everything at us at once. XD

Baaaahhhh I can hardly wait to read the next chapter! :D :D :D

Hearts, Chari!
diwu6398 chapter 5 . 7/19/2011
1. My heart is pounding as I read.

2. So is this the restaurant that Brendan mentioned while Sam was trying to break up with him, or a different one?


4. How old are they?

5. Jumper. You have said that word so many times in this story. (That's not a bad thing, by the way.) And I have no idea what a jumper is. I'm going to go search it on google images. Oh. So it's a sweater-ish thing. Okay.

6. I swear, the kiss was so much better this time :)

So I'm excited for that promised update tomorrow! Seriously, if you don't update, I'm going to get worried that you got kidnapped or something. SO UPDATE.
diwu6398 chapter 4 . 7/19/2011
1. Thank you for the background on Sam's "I'm gay" revelation.

2. It's nice to know some of Sam's thoughts.


4. I know I said this like a million times, but I LOVE YOUR DESCRIPTIONS.

5. I already know what happens (in the next chapter), but I'm still really nervous. You're superb at building suspense.

Really. You deserve a batch of cookies. What kind would you like?
diwu6398 chapter 3 . 7/19/2011
What do I think? What do you mean, what do I think? I LOVE IT! Stop being so silly, Misplaced Admiration. You're a terrific writer, whether or not you want to admit it. Anyway.

1. My heart started to pound as Sam made his way to Brendan's apartment.

2. "Brendan now gave Sam his full attention, the ghost of anger lining his eyes. "You wanted to talk? Well talk." He said lowly, leaning forwards in his chair. "What are we talking about? Are we talking about this… attitude problem you seem to have? The way you spoke to me last time I saw you? Or do you have a better way of wasting my time?" He asked, pressing his fingertips together and staring over them, head tilted slightly. "I'm waiting."" -I like the dialogue in this paragraph.

3. Oh my. The Sam-bashing was not nearly this bad last time I read this story...

4. "He struck him repeatedly, any part of him that he could find with his fists he hit with as much force he could muster until the blonde was reduced to nothing but a crying, trembling ball of pain and fear." -I liked this sentence too... I don't know how you write so well...

5. Hey! I remember this... the flashbacks... I think I told you last time, but I like how you did that.

6. Oh my God. Strong, brave Jake is crying? That did not happen before! And the kiss... :) That DID happen.

7. Hm... he went to the hospital?

diwu6398 chapter 2 . 7/19/2011
Hello again!

1. Hm... perhaps I am wrong, but I believe that for males, having blonde hair is spelled "blond." Don't take my word for it. I'm not positive.

2. I absolutely LOVE the... flashbacks? Whatever you want to call the italicized thing in the beginning of this chapter.

3. I don't know where you find such fantastic words. Do you have a thesaurus built into your brain?

4. I love your descriptions...

5. Before, it seemed like Sam was always happy. It's nice to know that sometimes his smile was fake.

6. Does Sam not realize that probably nothing would happen if Jake phoned in domestic abuse?

7. I think you meant "swaying on his feet as his ankle threatened to give way."

8. I'm finding a few more typos in here... "But no matter what Jake had said..."

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