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Potter tribute chapter 25 . 1/7/2012
Interesting. Cant wait for Book2 :D.
mcbret14 chapter 25 . 10/14/2011
sry its been a while but...Great book, Great book
cupcake1998 chapter 25 . 10/8/2011
I think it was a good story I only started reading it a couple of days ago and when i couldn't read i was thinking about what would happen next like if he was actually cheating. And I hope in the next book that rina starts to like someone but that person likes Jayla instead that would be intresting but it was a really good story to read
Guest chapter 25 . 10/7/2011
i read your book and i must sya, i read all the chapters in one day. Your writing skills and the relation to the charcters are great. I hope you succeed and continue to write until you get a novel publish thru a publishing agency.
PhantomOfTheOpera18 chapter 23 . 10/5/2011
Question: What kind of balcony does Jayla have? Is it those fancy wrap around balconies? My cousin has her own balcony which is basically just the roof of the kitchen so all she has to do is crawl into the window, not a door a WINDOW lol and it's her own personal platform that over looks the pool (I'm insanely jealous of her for this!)

I still don't feel comfortable with Jake after all that's happened... I dunno it's just not the same.

And I feel like if Jayla is with Jake, then she's sorta just doing it to please 'Rina because she said, "do it for me" right? So I feel like if Jayla does what she says, then she's not, as corny as this sounds, following her heart. So to me, Jake and Jayla's relationship feels sorta... synthetic, like it didn't come naturally, it happened because 'Rina wanted them to be together...This is just my opinion, not a critique :)

Ooooh! It's winter now! Will the new drama reflect the changing seasons? Now that's it's cold, and dark will the people make people act this way? Oooh let's find out! :)
PhantomOfTheOpera18 chapter 22 . 10/5/2011
Alright! Facebook! Haha, funny thing: After I finished reading the Delilah/Jayla facebook chat, I heard the pop of my own facebook chat! Literally the second after haha! Weiiiiird.

This was an interesting chapter. I wouldn't have known how a real conversation with a cop would be like- especially a conversation about a stalker so... I think you interpreted it just fine.

Hah! It woulda been so awkward had a police come over... what would they do? Watch a TV together? LOL

Oh my friggin' gosh Jayla! Just tell yo mama already!

Ricky's overworked because he's busy... GETTIN' BUSAY!

Hate hate hate hate hate him! Don't even know if he's cheating for sure, but he comes off as this cocky, arrogant bugger so I don't like heem -_-

LOL I like how quality time with mom is watching a movie HAHA! I thought they'd go out shopping LOL! But I do watch movies with just my mom a lot so P
DistantFantasy chapter 23 . 10/4/2011
Wow... I really enjoyed your story! It was so great I got an account to story-alert it. (true)
ConcreteAngel14 chapter 23 . 10/4/2011
I think Rina is still hurting, no matter how much she says it doesnt. You could tell by the way she was when she was with Jake, and wouldnt it be rude to go out with your best friends ex boyfriend the same day they broke up. Jayla should have just waited a week or a few days.
NetbookNerd01 chapter 22 . 9/29/2011
This was updated while I was reading the first few chapters. Oh wow.

This is still, so, BRILLIANT! Unfortunately I've been sick so I haven't been able to come on for the past week. Sorry for not being there when you updated, my dog tore my calendar down (curse you Dad for nailing the hammer on too low!). This is great and I did a yippee dance (feel free to use that for later chapters) when Rina woke up. Go fate!
PhantomOfTheOpera18 chapter 21 . 9/27/2011
I'm very glad that Rina's okay. But I'm still thinking about that vision Jayla had that convinced her that Rina might be... dead? Hm, is there something devastating you're going to conjure up in the near future?

Well... Jake and Jayla do make a better couple. But like I said before I would love to see some sort of love triangle happen. So if Jake is dating Rina, I'd LOVE to see a new guy come in to make Jake angry- that'd be a great excuse to make a Jake POV so we can see how Jake feels about Jayla's new man? ;) Meh, that's just a suggestion/wishful thinking :D

This story has so many events going on at the same time, but not overwhelmingly :) So I can only imagine what you'll have in store in the second part... and the third (oh boy!)

Can't wait for all the new drama you'll create in the next part!

Omg I'm kicking my feet in excitement (L)

*I don't really mind short chapters, I understand how difficult and stressful it is to have to make every chapter long just for your fans. You deserve a 'day off' from making long chapters ;) You've done such an outstanding job so far!

Great, great, great. Keep it up!

**Btw, have you read that book I recommended? ;) (Tiger's Curse)
PhantomOfTheOpera18 chapter 20 . 9/27/2011
Argh! Jake why do you do this to me? I wanna stay mad at you but you rescued Jayla so now I'm more confused than ever!

... but was the car accident all Jennifer's fault now? Uh oh!

OMG, K there must be something seriously wrong with Jennifer. I've already conjured up a backstory to this crazy SOB. LOL, ok: She's from South America and her parents didn't want her being around boys so she went to a strict all girls school. But that didn't stop her from sneaking out to seek out boys from other schools. She started secretly seeing this boy but eventually (and inevitably) the boy dumped her for another girl but Graciela refused to break up so she became an obsessive stalker. The boy became frightened and called the authorities, thus informing Graciela's parents about her 'secret/sexual' life so they took her to a very strict boarding school, Graciela eventually got over this boy, but her obsessive stalker issues remained. Her parents thought she was cured and decided to start a new life in America. And then the real story begins :P LOL! You know you're a successful author when your fan loves this character so much that she actually gave her her own backstory.

Lol, I'm disappointed that Jake wasn't able to win the fight. You know, being a guy and all :P I think Jake should start working out at the gym to gain some muscle and more manly-ness :P

Okay now on the next chaptuur...
AshTempest chapter 20 . 9/23/2011
How short can ur chapters get?

I want more!

And long, PLEASE!

PhantomOfTheOpera18 chapter 19 . 9/20/2011
Holy crap Graciela you crazy SOB! This chick's freakin' stalking Jayla like a mentally insane person! She really has changed from that cute little foreign girl to this psychopath stalker!

I like that you wrote a POV from a nurse, that way we get an inside look at how 'Rina's doing. Oh, what happened to Jake POVs? I haven't seen one yet? :(

Whoa, Jayla's a psychic! Woot, so am I girl! ;)

Hah hah, I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you include some of the famous movie cliches in some scenes and yet they somehow work naturally into the story as if they're not cliches at all! Her life really is like a movie, I guess Jayla really is getting what she wished for heh heh.

I still don't approve of Jake at this point. I feel like Jayla is so weak running straight to Jake like that in the middle of the night. Well... they DID kiss back in the hospital, but I didn't approve of that either so my opinion still stands strong


Lol, anyway great job as always! Enough with the cliffhangers jeez LOL!
PhantomOfTheOpera18 chapter 18 . 9/19/2011
*pants* OMG, sorry I'm so late! After I did my chores I sorta fell asleep. I was very nervous/anxious about starting my portfolio workshop that entire week so I couldn't really sit down, relax and read in those few days. Agh!

But I am back and settling into my new routine :) (I didn't die if that's what you were wondering LOL)

I love how you describe how Jayla feels about her could-be-dying-friend. I never had a friend in the hospital but when I read how Jayla felt, I really did feel like I was in her shoes. I like the "that girl whose friend is in a coma" label because people would actually automatically call you that in real life. I can already picture (in your story) the kids in Jayla's school walk past Jayla and whisper, "isn't that the girl whose friend is in a coma?" -very realistic.

Frig! You need to solve this Rose mystery LOL! If I was Jayla I'd 'hint' around... like during dinner I'd be like, "Jee, I love Sleeping Beauty. What was her name? Aurora? But her OTHER name was Rose. Rose was the name that her guardians called her to keep her identity a SECRET. Rose is such a beautiful name... Wish I knew a Rose, how 'bout you?" Hehe! Well that last line was not very subtle but I couldn't come up with anything LOL

The dream sequence was so epic! It was actually kind of frightening compared to the overall mood of the story! Wonder how long this will go on for! :o

I'm tired of Jake... put in a new guy LOL! Spice up her romantic life with a juicy love triangle or make Jake do something no girl could resist! Lol! Nah, do whatever you want! (But seriously Jake needs to stop being a little bugger) LOL
PhantomOfTheOpera18 chapter 17 . 9/15/2011
I'm SO confused about my feelings for Jake (I picture myself as the heroine when I read these kinds of stories hehe)

I... don't think I approve of this kiss during THIS time. Like, your best friend is probably lying in her death bed and they're making out? WHAT?

THIS would have been a better time for Jayla to slap Jake (this isn't criticism this is just be acting like a fan girl LOL)

You're good at making things awkward! I felt so tense whenever Jake was around.

Uhm uhm uhm... I'm really hoping Rina is okay OMG. And WTF ! Why you no show?

But before I read any more I need to walk my dog, vaccuum my room and clean the kitchen before my mom bans me from the computer again!
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