Reviews for My Dear Doctor
Ghost Divsion chapter 1 . 9/2/2012
When I first saw your profile, I saw that all of your stories are all based in one time period. This is good because it makes your readers confident in any stories in that time period, even though I think you could use some setting variety. Otherwise, I like the description you give to the characters and settings and it is an overall good read. I liked the mysteriousness of the doctor and his past as well.
DutchAver chapter 2 . 4/26/2012
Maria surely seems rather young to marry, being only eighteen. I guess it was a different time, and therefore a different culture.

Lol at Otto Frank. Didn't think you'd sneak in Anne Frank's father - because I guess you meant him, right? Being a Dutchie, it made me smile :D

I'm definitely on Maria's side in here. Florian sounds like a very cold, annoying husband, and every marriage needs love too. Maria wants children: she might be young, but I can understand her desire somewhat. Yet Florian refuses to even give her an answer.

I love to read more because I most definitely love your writing style! Keep writing D
DutchAver chapter 1 . 4/23/2012
Okay, this story sounds very interesting to me. I don't think I've told you this - I'm a student of psychology, so this is extra interesting for me since it revolves around a psychologist. I will most certainly check if the facts are correct, if you don't mind ;)

The first thing that comes to mind when reading about the body is that it might be Freud, but Freud died of cancer and not of a gunshot-wound. I guess this guy is your main character and this takes place in another universe.

Not much else I can say, except that I'm really excited to read the rest :)
Kobra Kid chapter 2 . 11/3/2011
Oh wow, what a great insight into the life of Florian. He's still my favorite character that you have ever created, but I didn't like how he treated Maria. I know that he is homosexual, and that he's confused about his life, but still... he could be kinder to Maria. She is such a sweetheart, who only wants to make her husband happy and fit in with society's standard for women.

Speaking of which, women were having babies at EIGHTEEN! My God. I'm turning eighteen in three weeks, and I'm not prepared for a baby, let alone a husband! I don't get how they could handle all of that on top of cooking dinner, cleaning the house and keeping the husband happy all at the same time. Huge props out to those women who lived those lives.

Anyways, I still love Florian even if he doesn't treat Maria like he should. Why? Well, because he has flaws like every other human on this planet. That's what I really enjoy about your stories. Your characters aren't these perfect, beautiful, flawless characters with no bad traits. You make them realistic!

Keep up the great work!

-Kobra Kid
Kobra Kid chapter 1 . 10/28/2011
Oh my God, Kate. This was simply stunning. Florian von Lessner was one of my favorite characters in "Angel", and to have a whole story dedicated to him! It's like a dream come true!

You started out the prologue beautifully with the elegant deer, curious dog and the playing children. I could see it all in my head - the snow blanketing the ground, trees towering over the children and the dog as they stomped their feet through the frost-bitten water.

Truly, it was well-written. So well-written.

And then, that one line.

"It was a man."

That was placed expertly. Short, but to the point.

I loved the description of dead Florian. But- DEAD! Gahh, why did he kill himself! D:

~Kobra Kid
Rose chapter 2 . 9/19/2011
I finally got to reviewing this! I liked this chapter, so Florvian is gay, but married? I like how you explained the details of german life back then. I feel bad for Maria, it seems like a hard spot to be in.

thenutrunningthenuthouse chapter 2 . 9/18/2011
I really like this story. I feel like elegant, soft music should be playing in the background as I read. Florian just seems like a very mild, well mannered man. It suits him and makes him different than the passion of David and the spiral of Oskar. He's just a guy dealing with not wanting to do it with his wife and his sexuality. It's simple and nice.

I'm not sure which camp I'm rooting for. I suppose with me knowing dear Florian longer, I'm on his side. Yet, Maria sure got dooped. Poor girl just wants a kid (funny how now people would consider her stupid for wanting a kid at 18 now) and is even willing to seduce her man in whatever 1928 lingerie they had. That whole scene was slightly funny. Seeing Maria just like O_O was amusing, especially seeing just how obvious it is that he's gay going from the scene before.

So, overall, I enjoy Florian, but I also appreciate his flaws. First off, his sneaking around. Okay, okay, that's a given that he'd sneak. I mean...I don't think homosexuality was all cool like it's getting to be now. So that's fine. It's funny how sneaky he sounds like he thinks he is by getting a kiss from Lars. XD As well, Florian's response to Maria was a bit rude.

So overall, they're both fleshing out nicely. I gotta say, I want Florian and Maria to have sex just to see how awkward it'll be for Florian. XD

[He would probably moan at Florian, lecture him about the dangers to his health from smoking, and then obsessively rearrange the room to how he liked it, which was in order and clean.] - LOL so Oskie!

Excellent chapter, madame. I look forward to seeing what piece you update next. :)
Luridpretty chapter 1 . 8/8/2011
Your descriptions are amazing, you painted such a clear picture of this scene. You really sprung Florian's death on the reader unexpectedly, because the scene you were portraying was so calm and beautiful - I like that a lot. However, I think that the "on the night that Florian von Lessner died" thing is a bit unneeded, I understand its purpose but it sort of took away from the impact. Great job overall, though!
Old xRayneWolfx account chapter 1 . 7/24/2011
Damn this prologue was exellect. I really enjoyed it. It's different compare to oskar's life, but it was a good read. I look forward to seeing more of this soon :)

~Rayne wolf
Rosemarysgraden001 chapter 1 . 7/23/2011
Lovely work, I don't know much about the guy, but he seems interesting. I love love your use of detail and imagery in this chapter. I like how it slowly builds up to reveal it. Really amazing prologue!

~Rose~ club blitz
thenutrunningthenuthouse chapter 1 . 7/23/2011
This was a very nice prologue: I loved the focus on the deer and the two boys. Something about it felt symbolic in a strange way, like how Florian's life is discovered to have ended by what usually represents innocence and if I remember right, Florian was a very nice man.

Okay, so first, your description is just as beautiful as ever. The day you described and how the boys were having all that fun felt whimsical then was just contrasted by Florian's body almost felt peaceful. If you can make me think that a prologue has a peaceful tone, you know you did something right. :)

Hmm, what else? I mean, let me just say, I am very impressed. Your prose is still solid, and the way you began this story makes it seem very exciting. Well, not exciting, but...intriguing. I can't remember if Florian killed himself because of the Nazis or what, but I can't wait to find out.

Ah yes, Oskie and Florian are very different men. Will Oskar make a cameo? If he does, that'll be cool, but I'm fine just learning about Florian. Very nice job.