Reviews for Giving Chase (Aspen Valley Book 2)
larafrancesca chapter 41 . 10/13/2012
They're finally together again! Horray! It's so sweet that Rhy's has at last fallen asleep in front of her :) A really lovely chapter, well done. How long will you leave the story up once it's been finished? I do have an fp account, the name of which is loveantiquity, so if you could let me know I'd greatly appriciate it!
Good luck with Uni, what are you studying?
Looking forward to the stories last instalment, all the best!
Guest chapter 40 . 10/9/2012
Rhys called him a homophobic idiot then turned round and shouted at everyone there that they would be to if they carried on the way they were.

I think that should 'would be too'.

Great story btw. I am enjoying it.
o chapter 40 . 10/8/2012
YESS. Let him in Frankie! :D
thenifoundfivedollars chapter 40 . 10/8/2012
I see the number 40 and know we were coming close to the end, and it makes me so, incredibly sad. Ah. I don’t know what I’m going to do when this story is over! And while it seems Cassa and, more recently, Tom have gotten their happy endings, I’m still on edge awaiting to see how Frankie and Rhys’ story turns out.

Another nicely tied off plot thread was Frankie’s relationship with her father. The scene at the coffee lounge was so effortless and familiar; it seems as though their bond is as strong as ever.

I’d read a review from an earlier chapter suggesting that Heidi was Tom’s mother. Definitely a surprise otherwise! I would have never guessed. Small world, but amazing twist. Ha. Rhys and Tom are buddies. They’d had a sort of edgy relationship earlier on, when he and Frankie first starting dating it seemed, but it’s nice to hear that Rhys has been sticking up for Tom. I do wonder if that’s a secret Frankie will be able to keep to herself. It’s certainly not something I’d be able to contain, even with Tom being so nonchalant about it. Gah, it’s a position I don’t envy! :)

I loved the description in the rain and – my very favorite bit –Rhys showing up at her door! Ah. It's a nasty cliffhanger but one I’m sure you’re going to make up for with a speedy, extra-awesome update.

All the best!
Guest chapter 40 . 10/8/2012
aargh! awful cliff hanger! also, it'll only be annoying for your current readers as everyone reading it later will be able to click 'Next' (This is intended as encouragement for you to update quickly or suffer efrustration from your readers) :)
Anehalia chapter 40 . 10/8/2012
I think Tom is an impressive character. If I was in such a situation, curiosity would have killed the cat, but I am naturally inquisitive and I can never let things go. I think thats why tom's character impressed me so much. I also like the cliff hanger, though not because of the fact it's a cliff hanger, but because of the way it's written.
Guest chapter 39 . 10/5/2012
Please, please update soon! I saw this on SKOW and you deeeeeef deserve the win! Congrats!
thenifoundfivedollars chapter 39 . 10/5/2012
I wouldn't say I'm necessarily frustrated at Frankie for not listening to Rhys' explanation. Putting myself in her shoes, sure, she's not over him but what he did was terrible and I would be more upset with her for forgiving him so quickly. It's natural to be guarded given how their relationship ended, and it's a similiar 'shut-everything-out' reaction from when Rhys attempted to comfort her by telling about Seth. So in that respect, I like the pacing of things so far. Besides, their tension makes for a much more entertaining read leading into the (hopefully?) inevitable reunion.

And, yes, I do plan on reading your other books! I have an amazon prime account and so KtP would be free with a Kindle. The problem is, I do my reading on an iPad with a kindle ap. I don’t mind paying the few dollars, but I think I’ll go ahead and wait until GC is complete. As for a new book? EXCITEMENT!

I understood that Ta’ Qali wouldn’t be entered in the same race as Rhys and Peace Offering, but is it an event on the same track/day? I guess that’s where my confusion arose. It’s not your writing, just the cultural differences and my extreme lack of jump jockey knowledge. :)

As for this chapter – I loved the opening with Frankie’s feelings towards losing Rhys and, of course, the beautifully described ending. I could imagine the music, rain, Rhys’ expression just… everything. It was extremely lovely, heartrending and well done.

And I do hope Cassa’s storyline has a happy ending, poor girl.

Ha. Pippa’s just trying to include Frankie, I’m sure, but it’s amusing trying to picture Frankie and her father in the thick of things with Rhys and Peace Offering and Jack and everyone around. I’m definitely interested in seeing how that plays out!
Blonde.Ambitions chapter 39 . 10/4/2012
o chapter 39 . 10/4/2012
I hope she forgives him soon. They could both be os much happier putting things aside and being together again.

And I love that song! Glad Cassa could share her talent with her mom and hjopefully Frankie doesn't get into too much trouble for bringing the girl to a bar. Ha. :)
Anehalia chapter 39 . 10/4/2012
The scene at the end was so beautifully described. That was just wow!
Helen chapter 38 . 10/1/2012
Come on Rhys! You're going to have to try a bit harder than that. He is a shy guy who isn't good with words, if what he told Frankie during their time together was true, so I guess I'll let it go. So long as he eventually steps up and makes it up to Frankie!
Amy90 chapter 38 . 10/1/2012
I can absolutely understand Jack, to him this all must have seemed like changes of mood on Frankie's part. To him she must seems indecisive and like a teenager who doesn't take anything seriously and who doesn't know what she wants in her life.
So it might have been a cleverer move if Frankie had just held on to her decision and stayed a jump jockey for some more time (maybe a year or two) instead of trying to change this part of her life right now. Such an important decision is something you have to stick to for a while, after all. Even if it's torture to go on, you have to prove that you can stick to it.

And I can't believe the vet charged 4000 pounds for operating a CAT! That borders to daylight robbery. I mean, not even a woman who gets a cesarian at a hospital is charged that much. What did they do, make this cat ten years younger? Giv him back the other eight lives?! Whatever it is, I want that treatment too. ;)

I'm also feeling a bit sorry for Rhys. I suspect that he originally wanted to use her but that he then changed his mind and his agenda. But since he doesn't really try to make up with Frankie, I'm not sure about this anymore. Sure, the donation was a nice thing. But it still could be coincidence. So I'm really really curious how this story will go on.
o chapter 38 . 10/1/2012
Hopefully Frankie's prediction will help Jack in the long run and save her job! She has a lot on her plate without all the Rhys drama and I can't help feeling bad for her. Hopefuly she'll enjoy racing again and hear out her exs' side of the story.

Great chapter! Sorry I've been away.
Amy90 chapter 33 . 10/1/2012
Rhys really lied? I didn't see that one coming.
But I still think his confession (that he loves her) was genuine.
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