Reviews for Giving Chase (Aspen Valley Book 2)
thenifoundfivedollars chapter 38 . 9/30/2012
Ha. The start of this chapter was amusing. I know it’s sad that Jack got onto her, but she did deserve it and it reminds us of what a strict boss Jack can be when he’s upset. It’s a good reminder, given the end of the chapter.

Something makes me wonder if Rhys is the ‘anonymous donor’. I may be way off, but there’s a feeling. I don’t know. We shall see. I also had to smile when Frankie things ‘man, if we were still together, regardless of if he was faking or not, he would have coughed up the cash…’ It’s true! I’d thought the same thing.

I reeeally hope Frankie’s correct about Ta’ Qali. I mean, her job is riding on it! Although, I think she might have jumped the gun on telling Jack she didn’t want to ride anymore. Of course if it’s not what she wants to do, it’s not what she wants to do. It was a well-written scene that caused me a good deal of panic.

The Ta’Qali bit’s actually not a predictable plot thread; it brings to mind all the earlier scenes where she’d kiss his nose and such. Poor dear, animal abuse is so sad. :( Although, I’m unclear – would Frankie be his rider in the National? I can’t imagine Rhys would be too keen on that, given what nearly happened last time. Of course, I could – once again – be way off.

Either way, I love where this is going and I’m torn between wanting all the chapters ASAP and not wanting this to end… I’ll definitely be trying to pick up your other books when this is done. I can’t bear to leave Aspen Valley!
thenifoundfivedollars chapter 37 . 9/30/2012
Oh man. I am a terrible reviewer when I get lazy, so I’m going to go back and give you a proper review for this chapter.

I think you actually worked out some of the Atticus issues in this chapter. Vanessa’s reaction of “Oh, well… that’s a lot of money and it’s just a cat” clues us in that, yes, it’s a bit farfetched to spend that much on the operation and not everyone in the word you’ve created thinks it’s a natural thing to blow your savings on. However, Frankie’s insistence, despite the high number, speaks of her love for animals. And Atticus is her family, at the moment he, her parents and Tom are all she really has. At least, that she knows of. So in that respect it’s believable that she would go to lengths to try and save him.

I also enjoyed her run-in with Rhys at the end. Poor guy. I do hope he gets to get his point across soon!

ALSO. 42-3 chapters? Oh nooooo. :( So soon. And so much left to go!
thenifoundfivedollars chapter 1 . 9/25/2012
Congratulations on your SKoW wins! :D
thenifoundfivedollars chapter 36 . 9/24/2012
Reread this and the previous chapter, and I must say, I like the internal monologue as they take Peace Offering out of the stable.

As for this chapter, I’m still intrigued where you’re taking the Atticus storyline. It’s just hit me how nicely all the pieces are slowly clicking into place, and I want to kick myself for being a dunce. Heh. Cassa’s journey really has paralleled Frankie’s perfectly. I guess I hadn’t realized it until Frankie’s conversation with her dad and then her own reflection on Cassa’s relationship with her mom. Beautiful done, by the way. It’s so refreshing when you’re reading a story and it’s obvious the author’s taken a good deal of forethought with the character development and plot.

On a similar note, I noticed an error or two here and there, but the grammar, syntax and pacing is nearly perfect. Although, with your plans to publish this that shouldn’t come as a surprise, but I do want to commend you on how well those elements have read so far.

Because I find myself rooting for Rhys and Frankie’s relationship to work out, I think the tension when they spot one another at the Golden Miller was my favorite bit of this chapter. Again, I have no idea where you’re going to take them but I’m so excited to watch them get there!

I’m not sure the conversation exactly, but four thousand pounds is nearly eight thousand US dollars … and that’s a whole heck of a lot! I know Frankie loves her cat… but maaaan that’s a lot to spend. :)

Great chapter! As always, of course. And as I say every few days – really looking forward to the next one!
Daddy's Little Peach chapter 36 . 9/23/2012
Noooo! I said no being bad to Atticus! Oh well, it gives Rhys a perfect opening to swoop in, save the cat and, by extension, his and Frankie's relationship, and then everyone is haaaappy :D

'but wasn't her and Cassa's ploy also been that?' - this sentence doesn't quite make sense... maybe use 'hadn't' instead of 'wasn't'?

And I still think you're sneaky about the last chapter! I pride myself on being able to pick up on twists, but your little trick completely snuck up one me! Kudos :D

Mish xx
RieH chapter 36 . 9/23/2012
Chapter 30:

Three words: Short and sweet. Even though this chapter is shorter than usual it fills its purpose without too much unnecessary fillings. It had me laughing with Rhys’s reaction to Frankie’s opening line about having news for him – once again humour strikes and it is one of the many reasons I love your writing.

Rhys is at first horrified when he learns that Frankie has given up the ride on Peace Offering – in my opinion a big give away on his feelings towards her. He seems to be afraid that she has done it for him but I don’t believe that’s the case. Frankie is on a journey to self-discovery and she has learned a lot of things about herself during their relationship and I think that is the reason that she stepped down from the ride in the National.

Frankie is worried about hurting Rhys with the news she’s learned about his father and keeps it to herself – we know that Rhys doesn’t get along with his father and he does have an intense dislike for him…so I find myself wondering if Rhys might already know about Alan’s affair? That could explain the intensity of his dislike towards his father.

Chapter 31:

I felt so sorry for Cassa in this first scene – but I can’t help compare Frankie and Cassa’s situations. They both want to please their parents and go far to accomplish this at the expense of their own happiness. Frankie is just now learning that what she thought she wanted was born out of a need to make her father proud and acknowledge her. Cassa is afraid to tell her mom about wanting to sing – I remember the scene where the Girl Guides had to pick a profession. Cassa first said she wanted to be a singer but when her mum comes within hearing range she changes that to wanting to be a nurse…the same profession her mother has chosen. There are a fair amount of similarities when looking at these two girls.

The interaction between Tom and Frankie is sweet and at the same time so funny and creates a great way to reveal the fact that Tom is gay. After spending the last few weeks studying about the wonders of communication I must say this situation is a classic for reading the non-verbal language wrong and it’s something we all do time and again LOL I don’t think there’s been any signs throughout the story that indicates that Tom should be in love with Frankie but all it took for the possibility to arise was a few words spoken by Vanessa.

Chapter 32:

This chapter made me smile and it made me want to cry as well as hit something…or someone.
It is very well written from start to finish – Frankie feels a little bit of regret about not riding Peace Offering and it’s an emotion that makes her real and believable. She had wanted that chance for so long – although maybe not for the right reasons – and she would not be human if she was not feeling a few pangs of regret.
Frankie’s conversation with Billy is a nice smooth way of reintroducing Donnie into the story – it been a while since we’ve heard anything about him but this conversation lets him slip back in the frame with ease. It also tells us that Tom has come out of hiding in regards to his sexuality.

The next scene is really sweet as we follow Frankie to Cheltenham where she meets up with Rhys. It’s a great build up to the next scene as it shows Frankie being a little unsure on their relationship and Rhys reassuring her and showing his feelings for her in his own way.

And then it happens…the catastrophic blow to their relationship we’ve all waited for. Donnie is back and I believe it’s safe to say he’s truly shown as an immature homophobic wanker (pardon my French)…and it sets him up nicely to deliver the hurtful blow to Frankie.

I’m a little bit lost for words when it comes to this chapter simply because I think it’s so perfect from start to finish in the way it delivers the twist to the story. It is now easy to guess what Donnie whispered to Rhys at the Christmas party when Frankie approached them. We see clearly that Rhys is guilty as charged and I can feel Frankie’s pain.

Well done.

Chapter 33:

The first part of this chapter is excellent in the way it changes between Frankie’s thoughts and the race…Frankie is clearly in shock after learning that Rhys has lied to her. I really like how smooth the focus switches from thoughts to race and how the two things reflects each other so well.

The end to that first scene is heart-breaking – Frankie wins the race and gains her first Cheltenham win in her first Cheltenham ride…but at the same time she’s lost something just as if not more important to her…because Rhys had lied.

It’s nice to see Frankie stand up for herself when Rhys shows up at her door. She’s hurt and she’s angry and she lets him know it without a doubt while also acting like humans so often do by attacking when feeling hurt and threatened.

There is no doubt that Rhys intended to seduce Frankie into giving him the ride in the National…but I do believe the plan backfired on him. He fell in love with her and he does love her. I can’t really remember a time where he’s actively has tried to talk her into giving him the ride…sure his been talking about his want and need to win the National but it’s been in answer to questions asked by Frankie. So while he might have initiated the relationship in order to use her I’m sure that things have changed for him along the way.

Chapter 34:

This chapter actually makes me want to kick Frankie’s butt! No doubt the girl is still in shock from what’s happened but she is sort of doing the same thing to Rhys that she did with Seth – she’s put Rhys on a pedestal and thought he could do nothing wrong but like Seth he’s only human and humans make mistakes. He said it himself in chapter 28 'I'm no angel, Frankie.' She needs to learn once and for all that no one is perfect including herself…but I still love her to bits :-)

Frankie also needs to start believing in herself. Her insecurities and lack of confidence in herself has led her to believe that her dad didn’t think she was good enough when in reality he’s always been proud of her due to her kind and generous personality. But it is not entirely her fault as her lack of self-confidence has been fuelled by her parents’ actions for example the lack of photos of Frankie on display in their home. This is an important message on how important verbal and non-verbal communication is in everyday life and how easy it is to misunderstand something when taking things at face value.

However, it’s nice to see that in middle of all her misery not everything is bad in Frankie’s world as her emotional pain leads to a new understanding between her and her father. The issues with her dad seems to be resolved and hopefully Frankie will be able to shake some of her insecurities that has been caused by her misguided believe that she was not good enough in her father’s eyes.

Chapter 35:

With the knowledge that her dad is proud of her simply because she’s her and the fact that he never really wanted her to be a jockey Frankie finally seems to realise that she’s been living what she thought was her father’s dream. Now she is slowly realising that riding in races might not be part of her dream at all. It does surprise me that she seems to consider to stop race riding completely though she doesn’t seem to have made the decision yet.

This chapter nicely shows how Frankie is slowly growing up – her conversation with June is so sweet and a great way to show that she really has come to terms with her brother not having been perfect in every way. She’s also beginning to be honest with herself about what she wants and she admits to herself that she didn’t really want the ride in the National. Still, that does not make what he intended to do all right and Frankie has every right to still be angry with him.

Again I see similarities between Frankie and Cassa and I couldn’t help but laugh a little when Frankie passed on her newfound wisdom to Cassa when she advised her to try and talk with her mum about singing. But it’s typical Frankie – she’s kind and generous.

I wonder if Cassa is on to something in regards to Ta’ Qali – have the people at Aspen Valley mistaken a scar for a marking? And if so could the origin of that scar explain the horse’s confusing behaviour on the track?

Chapter 36:

Poor Frankie - Life is really throwing some curve balls at her. It doesn’t surprise me though that she decides to go through with the operation but I do wonder if it’s going to be successful…I have a terrible feeling that Atticus won’t make it through…but I do hope I’m wrong.

It’s interesting how Frankie after a bit of alcohol begins to realise that she is not so innocent herself – she too has taken part in a betrayal when helping Cassa sing in the completion. She might not think she’s broken anyone’s heart but what about the people who were eliminated from the competition so Cassa could go through? At the end of the day Cassa was too young to be in the competition and by cheating she filled the place that should rightful have belonged to someone else.

The moment where Rhys steps inside the pub was so filled with tension – it clearly shows that he is not unaffected by what has happened and that he is suffering and it strengthens my belief that he does love her. Frankie seems to realise that even though she is hurt and to some degree still angry she still wants him.
Helen chapter 35 . 9/21/2012
Poor Atticus. :(

I really hope Frankie doesn't have to lose everything.

Really great chapter. I liked getting to know June a bit better.
thenifoundfivedollars chapter 35 . 9/19/2012
Poor Atticus. :( I hope everything is alright, but for some reason I have a feeling that it’s not.

I think my favorite part of this chapter was Frankie and June’s interaction. It was lovely, really. It didn’t feel strained despite the potential awkwardness; instead, I felt a strong liking towards June and was beyond heartbroken for her situation.

Way to go Frankie winning half her races! Though her and Tom’s conversation has me wondering where things are heading…

Thanks for the update!
guest chapter 34 . 9/19/2012
Update! Please?
thenifoundfivedollars chapter 34 . 9/18/2012
Ha. Poor Jack. He’s probably the last person who wants to be in the middle of someone else’s relationship drama. I like the way he handled things though.

'It hasn't gone to waste, Frankie. Just remember the good times.'

Good line. :)

The scene with Frankie and her dad was brilliant. I like how you’ve done such a good job at tricking us readers. The entire story I’ve been a bit ticked at Dough, thinking he was putting too much pressure on his daughter, doing all the things wrong that made Frankie so self-conscious. However, you’ve done a wonderful job brining us full circle, and his reasons for Seth’s shrine and his reactions to Frankie’s career choice actually make perfect sense. It was an emotional scene; I’m interested to see how this shifts Frankie’s self-image. I’m sure it’s nice, having the weight of the world lifted from her shoulders. There’s a part of me wondering if she’ll be inclined to quit, or if this lack of pressure paired with her newfound lack of fear will make it more enjoyable.

As always, eager for the next!
Anehalia chapter 34 . 9/17/2012
Wow, everything is kinda falling apart for poor frankie, at least everything she built her life on. I can't wait to see how you finish this.
Guest chapter 34 . 9/17/2012
Why do I keep getting the feeling that Heidi is Tom's mother?! When I know he was told his mum's name and it wasn't Heidi! I thought this when she was first mentioned a couple of chapters back and then with her seeming 'vaguely familiar' in this chapter. Hmmmm Am I reading too much into it? Or is it obvious and I'm being silly pointing it out? haha
Anyway, I love the story and how often you update!
WolfynWynter chapter 34 . 9/17/2012
o chapter 34 . 9/16/2012
Frakie getting time with her dad was a relief. It's good all of that has been cleared up. Waiting for Rhys! :)
Daddy's Little Peach chapter 34 . 9/16/2012
Well, drop goes the proverbial penny!

I actually feel kind of bad for Doug, after I roasted him in my previous reviews - he was oblivious the whole time! Sounds like my own dad, to be honest...

And not Atticus Finch! I love how you now have a wee Atticus of your own, I just hope that this we plot thread isn't inspired by true events!
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