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Guest chapter 1 . 6/22
The way things are going bestiality and pedophilia will be normalized next. Then it will be LGBTQBP. Such a fucked up time to be alive like the waning days of Rome. It was very liberal back then. Most of the developed nations have easy financially secure lives nowadays and then they pay so much time on these bullshit. Never will you see this in developing nations we are busy dealing with real problems than who can fuck wholm. It's disgusting.
awo chapter 1 . 1/31
It sounds like you hate bad slash.
silentsnowyuuki chapter 1 . 4/13/2020
I'm a reader and writer of slash but I do admit that slash in fandom can get annoying too. I don't read slash all the time I read other kinds of fic too and it's annoying when I discover this fic that has great writing but just bcos it involves a straight pair or it's gen it doesn't get much attention as the slash ones simply bcos they're not slash.

I've written gen fics myself and even one story where the pairing is straight and I worked for it, even enjoyed writing it but I get overshadowed by these poorly written slash ones! Okay I get it to each his/her own I respect that we all have different preferences but it's just frustrating.

Also another thing that annoys me are the slash shippers my god. It's like we're not allowed to like a straight pair anymore! I remember reading a post on twitter that said "not every ship has to be gay it's okay to like straight pairs" and the OP gets attacked for being homophobic, saying that straight people don't experience the same hardships that gay people do which I don't get bcos nowhere did the OP say that. They simply stated it's ok to like straight pairs and suddenly it's homophobic?

And what I mean by poorly written slash is not just the bad grammar or the writing per se but the obvious fetishization. There is no romance the guys just kiss 15 mins in where's the buildup? Had this been for a straight pair it would've been called weird or even toxic. But watch it get a lot of kudos anyway simply bcos it's gay.

I still believe we're free to read and write whatever we want it's just annoying how the slash shippers make everything about their pairing and condemn those who don't have similar opinions.
JenDamn chapter 1 . 11/4/2019
Good points all. There is a lot of slash fic that fits into your points, but I think there are a lot more decent slash fics out there than you seem to be implying. Well, we can agree to disagree. Ok, any two random females/males from any series/movies where you can list, what 30? I find that hard to believe. Hmmm, graduated Hermione/Appoline(sp?), aaaand from Teen wolf Styles and the vet dude, who is now on TWD. Also, I understand exaggerating, but 30 still seems high even for that.
AntiFandom chapter 1 . 12/11/2018
It's sadly something that will never go away. We can only ignore it. I wash my mind clean of all slash encounters by reading the pure, true canon.

I went looking for fanfiction of Mr. Harley Quin and Mr. Satterthwaite (two Agatha Christie characters) and was disturbed to see many slashfics of them on Ao3. *shakes head* I also learned that Ao3 is a haven for slashfics, so I won't be going there anymore.

Why can't two characters ever be close friends? Be they two guys, two girls, or a guy and a girl. They must all be paired! No, they actually don't. Bromances and besties are seemingly a rare thing in fan fiction. "It's guy love between two guys." ~ JD and Turk ~ the best bromance ever.
Tara Lux chapter 1 . 4/20/2018
I could not agree with you more on this. Thanks for writing it out.
Sparkle 94 chapter 1 . 8/5/2017
I don't consider you homophobic. Honestly i consider all fanfiction AU to some extent so the possibilities are endless but I've always had mixed feelings about Slash on one hand yes i read mostly slash becuse its rare to find hetero pairings with my favorite male characters that don't involve badly written mary sues. The problem is due to jealousy many straight women cann't stand any cannon female characters. So they're either forgotten or bashed. What i hate more then badly written slash is some pretentious chick whose obviously a self insert kicking the main and side characters out of their own plot and hogging the spotlight. Some slash fics do respect the characters and world and yes some of them are written by straight women some are by LGBTQ authors. But yeah most are awful i cann't stand that them suddenly being gay equals a damsel in distress act goes double for any guy who actually is effeminate by western standards. It doesn't matter how strong, deturmined, badass they are in cannon if their a pretty boy, have long hair, or are just short they get their spine completely snapped and turn into this weeping fragile flower even Bella swan would be disgusted by. Although to be fair its not just slash some ladies love to declaw male villian's to put them with the main female hero. Also most slash writers do not understand the value of a nice slow burn romance it gives you time to know the characters and care about their relationship creating greater investment. No instead its sex by chapter 3 or 10 if its drawn out. As for the rape thing i'm biased becuse some of my favorite male characters are cannon rape or abuse victums. It actually bothers me that this gets glossed over in slash fics in terms of how they would deal with their sexualty and sex in general haveing had their trust abused or their bodies violated same thing with pedophillia pairings want to make a statement about how this underage boy was forced/tricked into a toxic relationship with an adult becuse his past abuse and feelings of worthlessness fine but i hate when its wank material listed as romance at least admit its bad porn. Black butler fandom is the worst about this, especally becuse they ship demons with children when said demons cannonly are child grooming the kids through emotional manipulation to be a meal for them the implications are icky. Also sometimes i just want some plantonic freindship or family fluff in fact i read slash with characters i view as freinds or brothers becuse romantic interaction is the only interaction these characters get in fanfiction and usually just take what i can get as far as character interaction goes its sad really. I cann't find fics that celebrate love that isn't romantic. Also does anyone ever think maybe characters like sherlock and peter pan just aren't interested in romance or sex period, i know a novel concept right? Not everyone is interested in sex and not its all guys think about 24 seven i'm sure. Also i hate how some fans are like oh i can turn this guy gay and my otp will happen. Like ok say Harry potter is gay he's still not suddenly going to find his greasy haired bully of a potions master or the past fifty bald like dark lord with snake like eyes, or Draco who is another bully who he despises. He's going to be attracted to someone around his own age who shares his moral values. Captain Kirk would be highly sexually active gay or straight but Superman and Captain America are not getting into poly relationships or haveing lots of unprotected sex even if they are gay their still pretty old fashioned boys. The problem is some fandoms in general the show or book was just not intended to have romance or little of it so all the pairings are creepy or weird as a result. Although amen on the incest you have no idea how many fandoms i ran screaming out of never to touch another fanfiction under that book or movie again due to the massive amounts of incest fic. One of them was supernatural, thats the thing though its fiction its not reality Fiction presents a certain view of reality but its never exact. if you had your way only cannon couples and respectful stories about gay couples who lead normal boring lives would be aloud to exist. Here's the thing none of those stories are memorible, do we need boring normal stories about people from all walks of life yes but we gay and straight also crave things like killing stalking which has rape, incest, insanity, and also has an LGBT following becuse of its gay characters who happen to be a murder and a stalker. Your forgetting some LGBTQ people are fans of horror and disturbing stuff as well. I don't think everyone even LGTB people write or like the same stories. In fact some slash writers are LGTB and some of their stuff can be medicore at best. Sexualty has nothing to do with the ability to write a good story.
Although i do think LGBTQ characters should be allowed to have a romance while fighting pirates or zombies or saveing the world just the same as straight characters. Honestly why does gay just mean they get sex and romance and thats it?
Here's the thing as much as this stuff creeps me and others out annoys or upsets Certain groups out i've come to the conclusion i would rather have a variety of diffrent ideas, notions, and thoughts then for everyone to turn out the same pairings that you can turn on the tv or flip open a novel to get. Fanfiction in general is about experimentation what works what doesn't work, its about feeling out an audience discovering their dislikes and likes. Its a platform for learning and growing and for some its just plain old wish forfulment, others exploration, character study. I mean if it didn't exist we'd probly be bored becuse we'd have nothing to complain about, and less ships to fight over and if nothing else bad slash is amuseing at my dorm my fellow females purpousely wrote the worst pairings between male characters and couldn't even read their own writeing without cracking up. So yes i think there is a sense of not takeing slash pairings very seriously except for some zealots in the fandom but zealots exist everywhere. And honestly i think if anyone thinks incest or pedophilia actually have anything to do with being gay then they have far more problems then their shipping prefrance just saying. So i guess i'm trying to say yes i'm annoyed at the character butchering steriotypes ect but well they aren't going away so no point in being bitter. There's no right or wrong way to be a fan. Some people like this stuff some of those people are themselves gay men and the bad stuff does make you appreciate the rare gems that pop up now and again more. So i guess live and let slash.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/20/2017
I dislike Slash as well. I wouldn't read, much less write slash. I would never, ever play a gay character in a computer game. However, there is no reason, no deeper meaning to it. I just don't like it, period. Be it canon or "crack". I can't relate to a gay character. BUT I don't care if others do. After all, it's (fan)fiction. Everyone is allowed to read or write what ever he or she likes. There is no need to explain this preference.
Sometimes the popularity of slash is downright frustrating, though, I must admit. In some fandoms I like there is next to no het, much less my preferred pairings. That's pretty sad. But, whatever. Women/girls like maleslash as much as men like lesbian porn. So what. To each their own.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/13/2017
femslash is great regular slash sucks and i mean all regular slash
Guest chapter 1 . 12/18/2016
I don't have anything against homosexuality but its god damn annoying when I can't even find fem Harry and voldemort or fem Sasuke and Naruto without searching through thousands of badly written paedophilic and investors slash or get pairings.
A Random Troll chapter 1 . 9/30/2016
I for one also despise slash. But, honestly, my main problem with it is that it clogs up an asston of the lists I try to sift through when I'm trying to find a story that I'd actually be willing to spend my time reading. At the end of the day, if you wanna have shittily-written sex between canonically-straight characters, fine. It's a free country and it's absolutely not within my rights to demand for you to stop. Just KEEP IT THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME.
neberyears chapter 1 . 6/29/2016
I hate it when anyone writes a story that doesn't include my head-canon, too. I cannot restrain myself from pointing out how many authors just don't GET my head-canon. I tell them about their shortfalls often. Why, I often wonder, do they get so angry with me?

Why must I write such selfish things? I get a 3 to my self-satisfaction roll. And a 4 to my sense of superiority every time I do it. Like, duh. If I don't educate them who will?

Ain't the internet a great place?
Guest chapter 1 . 10/17/2015
You're looking too deep into things. You're overanalyzing. You have to broaden your understanding and just have to accept the unacceptable (to you at least). If you can't do that, you're no better than a homophobe. People like pairing a person with the same sex. Big deal. Why should you care? It's what they want and I'm a hundred percent sure you can't stop them from doing what their doing. This is fanfiction, the place where literally everything is accepted— other than Tumblr. The only sin in fanfiction is taking another's work and claiming it for themselves.

I hope you understand that this is what people want and can do because on one can stop them. I also hope you don't go spreading any more hate and potentially starting future arguments, which apparently you enjoy, you sadist…
Kelly chapter 1 . 10/10/2015
I mainly read fics from the Harry Potter fandom and I hate some ridiculous slash pairings that you see there e.g. Harry/Snape. Also I would like to say that I hate the misogyny often found in slash fics. They always turn the female characters into ugly b***hes who are out split up the pairings that the author has created.
Cary chapter 1 . 6/17/2015
i agree. I mostly hate slah and femslash cuz everyone pairs everyone up with everyone. No one has any love or respect for simple, pure friendship anymore
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