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Tomoyuki Tanaka chapter 38 . 1/25
Yeah, Mother Teresa! You have to save Plain Jane! That evil Melody is not going to get away with this. Grr...I do hope Jane reconciles with her parents one day. It kind of sucks, and yeah, I agree. Money isn't as important as spending time with one's family. Family forever!
Tomoyuki Tanaka chapter 37 . 1/25
Sorry for the lack of reviews, I've been busy. Basically school started for me, and I'm kind of handling a lot of administrative work and homework and readings the past week or so (which is why I didn't write anything as well!). Anyway, glad to be back to read your story. Let's hope Curtis and friends save Max and Jane!

I feel sorry for Teddy. He should have just been a bear instead of a principal. First he got rejected by Karly (or whatever her name is - she has so many names), and now he needs to be comforted by the students. Good thing Teresa and friends were up to the task. Go, Teddy, go!
Bastard From North chapter 85 . 1/12
Hey! Don't stop the chapter like that! :O
How I am supposed to know what happens now? :D
I like noodles, they are awesome :3 They are addictive :D
Though it is creepy to meet a guy you saw in you're dream O.o
I can't wait to read more! :D
Bastard From North chapter 84 . 1/12
That deal sounds awesome, some diary granting wishes and a demon living inside of you...
What could possibly go wrong? :D
" Give demon your finger and it'll take the whole hand " thing going on here :P
( Some random quote I heard many times XD )
I can kinda understand both of them, when others want to be
accepted by the "normal" people they want to be different and
to be noticed :P I guess they want to :D
But the price seems kind big :P
Tomoyuki Tanaka chapter 36 . 1/11
The...hell...Jane just went yandere and is going to kill Max and commit suicide?! Um, okay.

And yeah, Harold, you absolutely have no idea how 911 works. Speaking of which, that just shows everyone lives in America, doesn't it? So why do they claim that they don't live in America but uses America's emergency hotline? Maybe there are other countries that use the same hotline, I guess. Which country are they from?
Tomoyuki Tanaka chapter 35 . 1/11
I wasn't worried, they could have killed the dude for all we know and I couldn't care less. Unless the guy happened to be me...

The whole bracelet thing was pretty random, and poor principal. "I want to join you!" but "sorry, I work alone." Damn Melina/Melody/Karly. She'll never succeed if she works alone. No man (or woman) is an island, and she'll do well to learn that.

But seriously?! Anita just took off the bracelet herself like that?! Just wow.
Tomoyuki Tanaka chapter 34 . 1/11
And the principal finally gets a name and a background story. It's about time.

Well, it makes a lot more sense why he's joining them in their trip to the funeral, I guess.
Tomoyuki Tanaka chapter 33 . 1/11
How sad...I really should have tears pouring out of my eyes right now, but...oh well. I don't know. Jane sounds like a plain Jane somehow.

Short chapter, but pretty sweet. Maybe Max will be back, as Max Steel, or he'll Max out Jane's stats or something. We'll see.
Tomoyuki Tanaka chapter 32 . 1/11
Oh, I remember now. The bloody bugger just wanted to come to see Eugene's reaction at a surfboard, and because there's a "fun" in funeral. Never mind...

Anyway, I guess we're moving on to a new arc. Not much to say here because it's only the beginning, but it looks exciting. Let's see what Jane is going to do.
Tomoyuki Tanaka chapter 31 . 1/11
Ha ha ha, I still have so many of your chapters to catch up to, I'm not sure if I can afford to read CrazedbySugar's story. Anyway, they finally got back on track to the funeral, after the peeping and random "let's get something to eat". I guess. I was wondering if there was even a need to include all that renting a room and stuff in the last chapter, and was hoping to jump straight to here.

Bald Dumbledore, huh? For some reason that image had me laughing. Hilarious. Anyway, this is a good chapter after the previous random one. Go for it!

Speaking of which, why is the principal with them again? Is he a friend of Harold? I kind of forgot.
Tomoyuki Tanaka chapter 30 . 1/11
Normal is overrated. Muahahaha. This seems pretty random because I thought they were going to the funeral and all they did was talk about having stuff to eat here. Huh. Or maybe I missed something (as usual). Sorry about that.

Anyway, will move on to the next chapter.
Tomoyuki Tanaka chapter 29 . 1/11
Wait, doesn't Harold live in America too?! What's going on? Where does he live, then?

Well, I feel sorry for him now that his mother passed away, but those doctors are...insensitive. I do find it funny they somehow managed to contact him even though he doesn't live in America? How does that work out, or did they perhaps give their contact number as the only next of kin of Harold's mother? Yeah, tha'ts the only thing that makes sense.

As for James...what fire puns? I thought Eugene was being literal...oh. I see now. Nice one there.
Tomoyuki Tanaka chapter 28 . 1/2
Max and the Leprechaun are hilarious. Max going "I've caught you" and "now? how about now?" just got me laughing. The guy is hilarious. And glad to see Eugene totally not in the mood for revenge, that was funny too. Unfortunately, Harold wasn't funny with his rhyming, that kind of fell flat, but everything was amusing. Kind of sad they let the Leprechaun get away, though! But it's fine, it was quite the adventure. And Curtis won! The principal was pretty random, showing up out of nowhere. And being super-weak at that!
Tomoyuki Tanaka chapter 27 . 1/1
Melody is Melina?! OH NOOOOO! That's bad! Jane, don't get tricked! But then again, she's a plain Jane, so I guess it's inevitable.

And Toshiro...I dunno. Should I say, be a man, or should I say, keep your desires in check? I have no idea anymore.
Tomoyuki Tanaka chapter 26 . 12/30/2014
The Clucky jokes aside, the principal turns out to be a much deeper character than I thought. Wow. So he had such a history and background. Surprising, eh? After what he did to Curtis and stuff, I thought he was another looney, but he turns out to be an Edward Raizerford after all. From Unbreakable Machine Doll.

Yeah, James. Don't go for revenge. Glad you got your face fixed, you were certainly in a Sticky situation earlier (get it?), but it ain't worth it. Revenge isn't worth it at all.
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