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Guest chapter 24 . 4/10/2013
Loveeee it, your writing is excellent! Kind of a creeper move by Casey right there lol. And poor drake can't catch a break:( cant wait to see what you do with him having his emotions off. Update soon!
Nala-Nay chapter 23 . 3/7/2013
Ya know what! I knew it! I freakin knew it! Very well played and thought out here Scarab! I know more twists and turns are to come. I love Drake and Vee and I'm so glad you didn't kill her off! Lol I love Drake's face when he sees Vee for the first time (again) and then sees her all b.a. and was probably thinking "Damn! That's MY girl!" Isabelle really shocked me here, but then again, having to think about what she's been taught, but then again, James and Liz had the same teachings and they except Drake for who he is and are grateful just to have him back. I hope she gets her act together soon, that's still her daughter. I love Nick, (I wonder how many reviews I've said that in lol) I'm glad he still loves his sister for who she is because she IS his sister :). Ha ha! I'm sorry, but what Shayna said when her friend bit into her neck, I died just because I could picture her face! William! He is just as bad as his doppelganger :). It was him that snapped Vee's neck wasn't it? Just a feeling and burned down the attic. Boy, when Ayden and Cole wake up, Drake is gonna be the one in trouble lol..poor thing. Lol Micheal has got to be another favorite character of mine because of his quirks. "Now a decapitated head..." I died again lol. Even when he's being serious, he's still funny because of the way he puts his words. I don't think Aurora is a drag, her past has made her cautious, but she could still have a little fun ;). For some reason, I liked when you had Aurora and against blue...hmm.
I enjoyed the interaction with Drake and James and how James killed Scar. It's really good for parents to be the students as well when the teachers are the children when going through life situations. Go James!
Drake is horrible lol going i her shirt like that..bold :). Now, I wonder what's going to happen between Casey and Drake now that he's back.
And um...he doesn't want the throne? Well this just got more complicated lol

Awesome chapter! Update soon!
Nala-Nay chapter 22 . 3/5/2013
AHH! And so it begins! Whew! Roller coaster her!

I have to start with the part that killed me the most and it was this:'Staring at the vortex, Drake leaned against a tree, sighing loudly as he purposely chucked rocks in there, hoping to hit whoever came near it once it was spat back out on the other side.'...omg! How did you come up with that!? I couldn't breathe! Just to be able to picture it, classic.

I love the friends :). It's nice to see how they're all able to stick together in times of trouble when we know not all of them got along well when they were younger. Lol Drake "and my least favorite Casey Winthdrop" and I liked how he called Nick 'little Morlet'...that was cute and seeing that, well what I would think, that old brother-guy-to-guy friendship, it worked and totally fit. All of thier reactions to seeing and Drake and finding out that Ayden was Scar's son, they were different from what one has seen before to shocking news and it was a very and different touch.

Drake and his parents...him shutting off emotion towards them even when they said that they'd accept him, maybe he should rethink that seeing as he already lost Victoria (which I still can't believed you killed her). But as far as him wanting to kill Scar, we all know the right path, but sometimes revenge is sweet lol, but like William, where will it get Drake in the end? Hmm, Ayden being king...that would definitely be interesting! Good grief! 6"2!?

Nick's reaction to Drake telling him about his sister, yea, didn't expect him to blame Drake and threaten to kill him! I love Nick though!

Rereading Asaka's words, by the way-love her too, I know you have more in store for us.

WOMAN POWER! Liz and Opal rock :). And seeing that none of them were touched, their threat must have sank into their enemies heads lol.

Drake and Elvira's part made me laugh and I had a feeling that she would get to have some sort of counter act later. "Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?"..go die! And when he saw Scar and Elvira for the first time and said "I confess." I died, "yep. I did it." No shame at all, but who could blame him?

Auroa and Micheal when they basically told Drake that they were by his side no matter what, my heart grew all fuzzy lol. We'd all love to have friends like that who stick by us through whatever trouble and I think Aurora is who hit me the most with that...I thought he'd push her away when she went to hug him, but I'm glad he didn't.

Euck! Scar's bones popping and crackling and ewww! I could actually imagine it and HEAR it lol.

I hope you update my friend! On fire here!
Nala-Nay chapter 21 . 3/5/2013
'Oh yes, someone is going to die tonight.' YEA! EVERYONE'S FAVORITE CHARACTER! How dare you! lol. ugh! Sooooo, now where to even start...sad day in America! But then again, there's your title! I actually enjoyed the arguments betwen Drake and Vee, it just shows how compatible they WERE! Lol the beginning made me laugh when they were Drake's room and had that friendly deja vu moment. I was hoping that she would have remembered all of her night, I wonder where it could have gone from there lol. Drake when he was reading, reminded me of myself, I hated reading as a child, but now I really like it :). It was interesting finding out about Annabell and seeing where she had her place in all this and I'm anxious to see how she's going to 'screw' everybody up! You said that maybe Drake and William may fight over Annabelle, but what if it's the other way around, she doesn't want Willy Boy (yes, that's my name for him) and wants Drake, causing that little family feud lol only you know of course.
Hmm, Aurora and Micheal getting 'chummy'...hmm, wonder how that day went before Drake so 'rudely' interrupted them ;).

I thought it was interesting how you had Scar go into the last memories of Lara to see what happened...kinda reminded me of HP a little. Very thoughtful!

What is the friend's plan? Lol we keep hearing "stick to the plan" and blah blah, tell us already lol.

I'd be just as mad as Drake here...I can't blame him for feeling that way about his friends, I mean, DUH!

Casey...mmm, I'm still not sure what to say about his character still...
Guest chapter 20 . 2/16/2013
Yay they kissed! I wonder if its gonna be awkward in the morning hmm. Anyway great chapter, can't wait for the next update:)
Nala-Nay chapter 20 . 2/12/2013
No wonder I liked Nick! We're both scorpios! Yay for us..oh, and Drake too! Lol

Oh no, poor James! I hope he will be alright as well as the other adults. He's a strong character and I like Phil for still respecting him as his king. Where Opal? We haven't heard from her in a minute either lol. The curse, this should be interesting as new thing come about with it. I think we need more history on that my dear.

I like the interaction between Aurora and Victoria, but hmm...maybe Aurora will connect something else with her and Anna..did that make sense? lol

Micheal killed me again in this chapter and his 'bonding' with Drake. Only Drake would have distracted Mike from seeing his real plan even if it was just for fun...another trait of Williams, eh? Drake may as well admit that he has feelings, no sense hiding it because everyone and him included sees it. Micheal is such an instigator lol and I love it because what he says is truthful. ha ha..get bent Mike...that was great!

Riley, OMG! "So, you're one of Drake's whor-" My eyes grew so big lol and I was waiting for it lol. And Vee is "one of your what?" She'll find out one day!

This was a great chapter scarab! I can tell that you liked writing Drake and Victoria :) and was enjoyable to read. Hey, she did say that she was going to get drunk and have some fun and she did and almost a little too much fun when she got back in the house and I loved the reaction when Drake saw her in her outfit..been funny if Micheal came and whispered in his ear "close your mouth." They say 'a drunk man tell no tales'...this is harbored feelings they had for another since they were kids I think. I so bursted out laughing when it said she went limp...passed out! That was funny! Kind of like Evy off of The Mummy when she told Rick she was going to kiss him and then..bloop...night night. When Vee was drinking, she reminded me of Moira Kelly in The Cutting Edge..great movie :). That funny seeing Drake get all pissed when she was dancing with that guy... would have liked to see Vee and Drake dance for a little :).

Now alls left to say is..will Drake compel her to forget what happened that night or will she forget because she was drunk off her ass? lol

Update soon Scarab!
Love it chapter 19 . 2/12/2013
I read chapter 1 and I couldn't stop lol. I love it! I'm really feeling Drake and Victoria3333
You're a great writer and I can't wait to read more!
Nala-Nay chapter 19 . 2/11/2013
Ah! This chapter had me rolling! I don't know why, I guess because I could picture everything that was going on, from the faces and emotions that were put into this chapter.
God I love Micheal! He's funny! "Damn!"

"I know! I have never seen him so angry…"

"No, not that!" He frowned. "There's no more bloody Scotch!"

LMAO! I couldn't breathe because all I could picture was Jack Sparrow! Excuse me, ahem, Captain Jack Sparrow :). Victoria burned his ass! That was great and then he had the nerve to try and do it again...dumb.

I loved her reaction when Drake said that it was him. I could see her head spinning. I probably would have done the same thing. That back and forth-ness was well planned and thought out. My favorite line between them was this: . As soon as he held her in his arms her eyes began to close. "Hey, hey Victoria... Vee, look at me." He put his thumb against her chin, parting her lips and her eyes opened slightly...I like the connection between them here and it shows that nothing has really changed. He still cares for her. Ha ha, seems like his 'human' feelings are coming back now that she's here huh? Gotta see how this turns out :). I'm glad Drake told her because I think she would have been mad if she found out another way lol.

Micheal and Aurora...hmm, I was wondering what their reactions to one another was going to be because it clicked back in the last chapter that they should know one another. Lol Micheal said that she's still a bitch...that killed me. Those two have some explaining to do and they need to do it before Drake finds out and gets even more pissed. Their chemistry...I think they'd make a good team if they didn't argue, but who knows, it could be that 'love-hate' thing and they end up getting together like Shayna and Cole...still didn't see that one coming ;).

The friends, boy are they in a pickle, but I have a feeling that they will find someway out of it. Maybe William has the spell written down at the boarding house hidden away in one of his journals.

Good job again Scarab!
incrediblectopus chapter 19 . 2/11/2013
Love it, love it, love it! Drake and Victoria are great together. I can't wait for the time when Drake gets into the kingdom and kicks Scars ASS!
Nala-Nay chapter 18 . 2/8/2013
Welly, well, well..look who finally updated? Hmm, could it be Sca-..mmm, no..uh, why yes it is ;).

Micheal and Drake. I like them as friends because there is so much that they can share and learn together. I think Micheal has more to his story than he is willing to let on. Why didn't Willy Boy (I love that!) kill him if he killed innocent others? Lol I remember those and the same, well, almost. Annabelle is definitely an interesting character and I think she is still alive...just a feeling. I really like Micheal. Like, so much has happened to him and yet he is still able to keep a smile on his face most of the times...reminds me of myself a bit :). I think Drake is definitely capable of emotions, he just thinks it's better to not get involved at all that way it's that 'no pain no gain' type of deal, but truth is, it only takes one thing or one person to change that and um, ahem, Victoria is now in the picture again and I see Micheal chastising him for it...I'd mess with him too. He's funny and I think Drake needs that positivity :). And I love Drake's line!

The flashbacks made me feel bad for William and we get an insight of why he is the way he is. Poor Henry...that's a shame to be able to kill your own son without any kind of second thought.

Vee is very strong, I mean well duh, she's a female ;). That took a lot of power and courage to agree to be with Scar, but her friends already had a back up plan to get her out, so all is well. Zane should have known better than to try to get her come..go die dude. I love Nick! He's adorable and that very protective brother that we all just 'love'. Cole's line made me laugh, why, I don't know. I was surprised to not hear from the parents seeing as they were all outside as well during the battle. Oh God! SCAR! YOU GO DIE TOO! (in Raven's voice) Ya Nasty! The adults are going to be worried when they find out their kids are gone. I like all the friends, but my favorite couple would have to be Cole and Shayna since they didn't see eye to eye when they younger..."That's my girl!" Loved it!

Well my dear, I hope you don't take...mmm, I'll be nice lol... AWAITING YOUR NEXT WEEK UPDATE! lol


P.S. Drake's guna be pissed when he finds about Vee and Scar and why she's so small lol
Nala-Nay chapter 17 . 12/27/2012
So sorry I took forever to review!
Ok, so this was my FAVORITE CHAPTER SO FAR! So much happened and especially at the castle! I freakin LOVE Victoria, but I would have kept stabbing Scar's ass until I was sure he was dead...ugh man, I got so mad. I had a feeling he wasn't dead, but Victoria told Elvira off :). Go Girl! And NICK! Ooo! I was so not expecting that of him and I see that none of his family did either. So we have Shayna (my other girl), and I'm guessing Cole and Ayden(because blue eyes and blonde dots) are the other 3 werepanthers...oh wait! Danny!.. have a feeling I got at least one wrong lol..your story gets more and more excited by the minute. But where is Alison? I can only imagine what Vee is thinking as all of this had happened today and she just woke up after a 2 year sleep! Did she beat Sleeping Beauty? lol. Your descriptions of her and how she and everyone else had changed and I don't know why I liked the description of her reaction for when her hair fell down her back. The relationship between Shayna and Cole, I wonder where this will go lol. Ha ha Nick "Do you know sign languange?" LMAO that was classic. Gotta love her brother!

Oh my Drake, what can be said about him lol. He is just...I just love his character :). He's good but bad lol. I thought it was funny that he could hear those two girls talking about him and he goes over and the shy one surprised all of us I think. Well, you know what they say about the quiet ones 'look out for em'. And poor Aurora, she's trying so hard to help. And who is this new guy :)!? Micheal! And Turner is his last name and he likes, I can tell already that we are going to have a fun time with this guy :)! This could be a good thing or a bad thing for Drake lol

Update update update!
Ibtenity chapter 16 . 12/8/2012
I don't see why Aurora was constantly nagging on Drake about the girl. She seems to inquire at the most miniscule thing. As for Nick and Victoria, I don't see why they hate their mother for something she did to protect them. Scar was going to try and marry Victoria one way or another. Drake... I really liked Drake in this chapter, his dark side is still a part of his original personality and it's pretty cool. This was obviously a dramatic chapter, and an extremely intriguing one as well. 17. I vant ze 17th chapter, ah ha ha ha ha. (Count Dracula impression)
Ibtenity chapter 14 . 12/8/2012
I simply want Aurora to die, regardless if she is good or bad.
Ibtenity chapter 7 . 12/7/2012
Really intense and captivating chapter! I am really looking forward to reading the next one. James was a total - excuse my language - bad ass. He really brought the chapter together.
Ibtenity chapter 3 . 12/7/2012
In the first line, [ He wasn't excited seeing school never appealed] Consider putting a period after "He wasn't excited"
Drake was also a jerk for calling the kid poor when he is obviously the richest person.
Great chapter, I'm jumping right into the next one.
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