Reviews for Never Grow Up
Wish Counselor chapter 1 . 8/12/2011
What an honorable message. You know what, I view life that way. I always hold on to my childhood as I grow up every time. Your lines are heavily inspired by walt disney as well. As a video gamer myself, I don't mind if others think of me as childish due to video games that I play. It became a hobby of mine when I was 8 years old then. Even in video game designing, there are games that are inspired by the heart of a child outperform games made by the adults.

That is the importance of keeping and treasuring your childhood. you learn to respect and love children.

But it is true about to keep up our pace in growing up.

Especially in nourishing both your seeds of childhood and your seeds of maturity.

Kudos to an inspiring story. I'm working on my examination week as I'm typing this one. C'mon, don't worry. I'm very faithful to God, even though I don't visit his church often (I just prayed a lot instead.)