Reviews for Never Too Late
AliceAgony chapter 1 . 10/8/2011
Hey! Don't worry, this isn't like the review I sent before. I'm sorry, I was a bit too harsh about it. But I usually critisice people's work and it turned into a bad habit (insert nervous laugh). Again, sorry. To make it up to you, I'll review on every chapter with nicer reviews from now on :D
Creager chapter 1 . 9/8/2011
I'll be nicer with this reveiw than my last two on FF, promise!

So it's pretty good so far. A bit cliche but good.

Their eyebrow colours make me sad.

Nolia-chan's mother make absolutely no sense. So Magnolia wears leather clothing (biker or Native American leather, btw?) but is suposed to wear a super valuable tiara all the time? I would get during parties or if they sit in thrones and have people complain at them, but during war, going out?

I'm hoping for my explaination on the type of world she lives in. Do they live in trees or crystal houses? How magical are they, or is it just some? Social norms, since they apparently have different ones than us humans. Things like that would lovely.

Hope you update!
CorkyBookworm1 chapter 1 . 8/23/2011
I messaged you the good stuff, so here goes with the critic: Okay,so I found it mildly odd, as well as confuisng that she starts out in a hammock- rolls out of it actually-, and then 'rolls out of bed' in her ROOM? Maybe all elves have hammocks in their rooms, maybe that IS their bed...? I don't know. You could make that a little clearer, though.

Again, loved the in-depth physical description. I love that their eyes are so...abnormally colored- by our standards anyway.

Okay, maybe I'm just ignorant about this kind of stuff, but how come her deer-hide tunic was gray and her deer-hide leggings were black? And what was she wearing before she changed?

Oh, about the crown: you did mean taht the crown was made of the finest silver and gold, not the elf...right?

I'm supposing that the "guess who's team I'm on today" will be furthher explained at a later time...

Love the descriptions, the imagery, the names, the word choice! LOVE the word choice! 'didn't affect me in the slightest' 'uninterested' 's he seemed shocked that anyone in teh household knew the wokd' etx.

Um "dead-brained"? Is that supposed to be like that. If so, cool, but if not is it supposed to be " brain-dead"?

I liked it a ton. It has tremendous potential. There area few typos-s but that's to be expected. It was really well done and I could see that you've spent a lot of time thinking aobut it. It did seem to have a lot of diolouge to be a prolouge, but it's really not a big deal at all.
AliceAgony chapter 1 . 8/16/2011
In my opinion, you could tell what's going to happen by just reading the summery. I think it's kind of cliche and too predictable. Don't call me a b*tch, I'm a critic. Plus, the prologue is too informative (in my opinion). It says a lot about the characters. Honestly, I like smaller prologues that just give me slight hints about the story and makes me want more.

AnnieHonson25 chapter 1 . 8/8/2011
Too cool! This was really good!

Inquiete chapter 1 . 8/8/2011
this is awesome. Figured it would be. After all its you, one of the best authors on FF. Don't lie you know its true. Anyway poor Magnolia, I hate her Mother and sister. her mom reminds me of the Wicked Stepmother from Cinderella. Well, to a certain point. I'll have to read more to know for sure. Update soon, please? Please? Please? I'll give you a cookie. ;)